Progressivism Exposed: How Americans Stand to Lose Their Freedom, If the Obamacrats Succeed

Three Quotes by George Orwell:

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

“We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

“Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

The Goal of Progressivism

Progressives—or liberal Democrats—historically win elections on ideas that divide people, instead of uniting them.  Democrats do not promote unifying notions, but, instead, misrepresent conservative ideas in ways that do them disservice.  The overarching goal of Progressivism is to divide people in way that allows the creation of privileged classes; then these privileged groups vote for Democrats to make sure their privileges keep coming.  Democrats promote dependency, not freedom.


Old-School Democrats

In the past, there were Democrats who were Constitutional conservatives.  John Kennedy, for example, was strong on religious liberty, free speech, and was a life member of the NRA.  And Bill Clinton, who was socially liberal, passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the anti-gay-marriage Protection of Marriage Act (PMA).


21st Century Liberal Fascism

Today’s “Obama Democrats” are an anti-freedom party; they tried, in 2014, to repeal the free speech rights of Americans by proposing the Udall Amendment to the Constitution, which did not make it out of the Senate, because no Republicans would support it.  (Read all about it here:  Obamacrats wrongly employ the principle of Equal Protection as a wedge to target the religious rights of people who do not wish to legitimize gay marriage.  (Read more here:



Free Speech

Obamacrats want to regulate speech.  They want to “protect” people from being offended.  Offensive speech is the only speech that requires a First Amendment, and speaking out on any issue will always offend somebody, so free-speech rights are a basic need of a free people.  Even people with ideas that are helpful will cease to express them, if they fear possible targeting by the government.


Without Truth, No Well-Informed Decision-Making Is Possible

Sometimes the truth is like medicine; it is unappetizing, but it is much-needed.  Under Obama, people expressing concerns about the illegal-alien problem have been branded “racist” to shut them up.  But illegals, although they make up only 3.5% of the US population, now comprise 37% of all criminal cases in federal court.  (Read more about it here:  Obamacrats have said all along that illegals commit crimes at a lower percentage rate than the rest of the US population.  And, because conservatives have been vilified on this topic in the liberal media, and targeted by the government, these lies have gone largely unchallenged, until recently.


Maintenance of a Civil Society Requires Free Speech

Civil society requires the kind of information that helps monitor trends in people’s thinking, so problems can be identified and solved in a timely manner.  Many problems can be helped by education, but only if the problems are known.  For example, racist speech needs to be protected, because removing free-speech protections only drives the offensive speech underground, which, as a result, makes the problem seem to disappear.  In consequence, civil society stops addressing the problem, and the problem only worsens.  (Read more about the importance of the right to offend here:


Free Speech Is Important




Obamacrats are now saying that freedom of religion is only guaranteed when Americans go to worship services.  (Read all about it here:  This is not the meaning of the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Obama’s policy of court-martialing Jewish or Christian military chaplains, who talk about their private religious views in public, is of huge concern.  (Read about this issue here:  Although Bibles are, in many cases, banned on military bases by Obama Administration policy, the Koran is not.  (Read about this here:


The Equal-Protection Wedge

Obamacrats abuse the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to elevate Islam, an evil ideology, in the public schools, in the military, and elsewhere; at the same time, they demonize Judeo-Christian values, threatening to treat synagogues and churches as taxable institutions, if they oppose gay marriage.  (Read about it here:  Mosques are not being targeted, it should be noted, even though the Muslim position on gays is for families to commit honor-killings against them and for Sharia Law courts to sentence them to death.  This only goes to show that a president who supports Islam will use state power to make Islam the only state-supported religion, in total opposition to the First Amendment.

Elevating Muslims, while punishing Jews and Christians, is Obama’s idea of equaling out protection by differential treatment, flipping the original intent of Equal Protection on its head, by actually privileging one group above all others.  These other groups are then demonized as racist, if they oppose “helping Muslims.”  In this way, moral systems of thought, based on the Golden Rule, such as Judaism and Christianity, are being replaced by immoral systems of thought, such as Islam, which is actively supremacist and teaches that only Muslims deserve justice, while non-Muslims and the critics of Islam deserve death, even if their only “sin” is to draw a picture of Muhammad.   (See ex-Muslim Bosch Fawstin’s winning picture of Muhammad here, for which doctrinaire Muslims tried to assassinate him, an evil act that no “moderate Muslims” protested:





Obamacrat Leland Yee, Gun Smuggler

State Senator Leland Yee, a California Obamacrat, made headlines by smuggling guns.  (Read more here:  Yee wanted, thereby, to help Obamacrats to achieve their goals of 1) making people more defenseless and 2) empowering criminals; this is not unlike Obama’s Fast and Furious Scandal, where the inappropriately-named Justice Department ran guns to Mexican drug cartels.  Obamacrats help criminals, because high crime encourages people to accept a police state, which engenders more government dependency.  In such an environment, progressive neighborhoods might be well-patrolled, while voting precincts that lean conservative may not get their 9-1-1 calls prioritized.  Governments that have embarked upon a policy of victim-disarmament have generally tended to devolve into police states that, eventually, killed far more of their own citizens than criminals ever did before the law-abiding were disarmed.  (Read more about this here:


Fundamentally Changing America

Barack Obama famously said, after being elected to the presidency, that he would fundamentally change America.  What Obama had in mind was a basic change in the relationship between the government and the people.  Obama wants a government that regulates the economy, in the style of German fascism, and dictates social mores to the people, in the way of Islamo-fascism.  (Read more on this here:  Gays are a necessary wedge group only for now, but, eventually, Obamacrats will abandon them to victimization by the Muslims.  Obama wants Americans to submit to fascistic state control.  Civil rights will no longer exist for any Americans, anywhere, and will be replaced by political patronage.  In Obamaworld, it will be who you know, not what your rights are, that counts.




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  1. We’re screwed no matter which puppet from which party is put in place. If any puppet gets the idea he can usurp the agenda of those who are really in charge, he can and will be (and have been) eliminated.

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