Protest Vaccines; it could do more than save a life!

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

When I see articles such as the following I immediately become upset due to the bias against families and individuals who are living with vaccine related injuries. According to the pro vaccine crowd vaccine injuries are not real and any injury related to vaccination is just a coincidence. I am deeply bothered by the fact that these people have no tolerance for anything that falls outside of their view that vaccines are perfect! Unlike the claims of Amanda Hargett-Granato who wrote the article the most common side effects are not mild. Many children and adults who take vaccines are sick for days afterwards, some develop neurological issues, others regress into symptoms that are labeled Autism, and sadly some people DIE from vaccines!

Across the United States there has been a mumps outbreak on college campuses, rather than admitting that the MMR vaccine does not work they have started a social media campaign to blame non vaxers for the current outbreak. The logic they are using is astoundingly stupid, if shot number one and two do not work why not line up for a 3rd dose??? I encourage college students to get off twitter and to use critical thinking skills rather then fear when making choices about their health. 

In the future it seems the United states will become like India and other countries where they line everyone up and inject previously vaccinated people every time there is a mass vaccination campaign. People like Amanda Hargett-Granato would gladly cheer on mandated vaccines and would use a faulty premise to do so. This is why I am calling on all people who are concerned to change their tactics! Obviously groups of people need to be contacting and talking to law makers BUT no group of people has ever won their freedom simply by asking for the law to change! The pharmaceutical industry is insidious and they instruct doctors on how to play on fear to promote medications and vaccines. I have seen this first hand working in a doctor’s office!

We as anti vaxers / non vaxers (or whatever name we are calling ourselves) need to be at the vaccine clinics, we need to be in the schools, and on college campuses, visiting nursing homes, we need to be any place they are giving vaccines and giving out information! We need to be having non violent protest and we need to be encouraging others to disobey laws that push people to get vaccinated! ONCE A PERSON IS VACCINATED IT CAN NOT BE UNDONE! Vaccine injury will continue as long as our movement clings to the idea that if they talk to new mothers they can stop vaccines, I say this because the fastest growing group being vaccinated are older children / teens, college students, and the elderly! I see very few people speaking up for these people or getting information into their hands! Do they not matter? Are we too scared as a movement to reach out to them? Why are we still pretending that babies are the only ones getting hurt by vaccines?  

Vaccine injury is real and the vaccines have to stop, but the only way we are going to stop the vaccines is to educate ourselves on natural immunity and to “grow a pair” and take our efforts out into the real world. Children and adults are being injured on a daily and I have ask people locally here in Syracuse NY will they stand with me and set up a booth at the farmers market, and I have ask people in NY to come together and help get us a booth at the state fair. So far I have seen very little interest. People seem to only want to talk about vaccine injury online and they think that hitting like on a post or sharing a few articles is activism! I want to see the death and the suffering to end, I am begging people to change tactics. I am begging people to remember that the same company Merck which makes most of the childhood vaccines is the same company that unleashed Vioxx onto the world and had no trouble with killing people with their products!

For those wondering I am still interested in getting something going at the NY state fair as well as the local market, you can reach me privately [email protected] regarding the matter or you can contact me on facebook. (CW)

Vaccinate your kids; it could save a life

Measles, mumps, rubella — These three virulent diseases have been easily preventable since the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1971. And yet, in 2014, the United States experienced 667 measles cases, the most since measles were deemed eliminated in the U.S. in 2000. Most of the individuals who contracted the disease were unvaccinated. Mandatory vaccinations are necessary to protect innocent people from preventable diseases.

While both mumps and rubella are extremely contagious diseases with serious risks of their own, measles infections are both highly infectious and dangerous. Not only does the measles virus cause high fever and a rash, the additional complications —such as pneumonia — can prove deadly. Measles is the No. 1 killer out of the vaccine-preventable diseases, and, according to the World Health Organization, vaccination efforts led to a 79 percent decrease in measles-related deaths between 2000 and 2015.

Despite the obvious efficacy of the MMR vaccine, many parents refuse to vaccinate their children. Resistance toward vaccines has always been an issue for the healthcare community, most notably since Dr. Andrew Wakefield published a false research report in 1998 linking autism with the MMR vaccine. Wakefield’s claims were so egregious and deliberately false that he was fired from his hospital job and his name was struck from the United Kingdom’s medical register. Despite the falsehood, many people believed the report and refuse to vaccinate their children. According to a CNN report on the unvaccinated population, excluding Mississippi and West Virginia, 48 states still allow religious exemptions from vaccines, and 20 allow philosophical exemptions. These allowances for vaccination exemptions endanger those who are not able to protect themselves from the virus.

Because children who are medically unable to be vaccinated, people who are elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems remain at risk of contracting dangerous diseases, it is the responsibility of others to protect them through “herd immunity.”

If everyone who can get vaccinated does, then the virus has a much harder time reaching those who can’t be protected by the vaccine. By allowing so many children that are healthy enough to receive vaccines to go unvaccinated, anti-vaccine parents open up their children to be carriers of potentially deadly diseases to the most vulnerable segment of the population.

Like any kind of medicine, vaccines do carry a risk of side effects. However, the most common side effects are fever, mild rash and the swelling of glands in the face or neck. While these are mildly irritating, the side effects of measles, mumps and rubella are dangerous and potentially life-threatening. No parent’s philosophical or religious concerns should be allowed to threaten the health of others. Mandatory vaccines are necessary to protect those who are incapable of protecting themselves against preventable diseases.


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