Psychopolitics and the Creation of Sheeple – It Ain’t Rocket Science.


By TLB contributor: Steve Cook

My article Tavistock – a Nest of Vipers ( ) prompted a friend to point out that the mass-brainwashing methods tested and developed by Rees and his fellow lunatics during World War Two and then turned upon the general population of our beleaguered planet thereafter, are pretty much the same vicious strategies outlined earlier in a Russian Communist manual on “psycho-politics”.

It is very interesting that British psychiatry and Communist-Russian psychiatry were working from the same manual. That manual, or at least the principles and methods outlined in it, is still in use today by the psycho-political engineers of psychiatry and their paymasters and I thought it would be highly illuminating to take a look at the methods involved, mainly because you and I, our children, neighborhoods, religions, cultures and countries are the present victims of it.

The Communist textbook was apparently written in the 1930s. It appears to have been re-published several times over the years and edited here and there along the way, with one or more editions appearing after 1950. I say that because a synthesis of that text book to which I am about to refer you mentions attacking and discrediting any movements in the field of mental health that actually help people and includes among those targets for attack the science of Dianetics, which first appeared on the scene in 1950.

So far as I know, the actual text book isn’t available: it is not after all something its authors would want the hoi polloi to be able to buy on Amazon for the very good reason that that would somewhat give the game away. When you are engaged in conquest, it is best not to advertise your strategy.  But fortunately there IS available, thanks to the vigilance of its author, a synthesis of it that lays bare with gruesome clarity all the main points.

The synthesis, a document with the cheerful title, “Brainwashing,” I first came across in the 1970s and I  still have a hard copy of it in my files somewhere but, my filing system being what it is, it would take me a month of Sundays to find it. Never mind. The magic of the internet saves me the trouble and you can find an updated version of it it here:

I encourage you to read it, even though it will probably depress the heck out of you. In fact I encourage you to download it and disseminate copies of it as widely as you can. Why? Because, in my opinion, it is important that everybody understands at least in outline and general principle the methodology by which our culture and its freedoms have been under attack. If you know what your enemy is doing and HOW he is doing it, it becomes much harder for him to outwit you on the field of battle.

How important is it that the strategy in this psycho-political document is known? Well, imagine an enemy had a cunning plan for conquering your country and had been operating this plan with some success for quite some time, to a point where your country was almost brought to its knees? Imagine then if someone got hold of the enemy’s plans. How important would it be for those plans to be made known to your country’s leaders, generals, citizens and troops in the field? And how much might knowing your enemy’s battle plans and strategies help you defeat him? That’s how important this document is.

The book, you will discover, is the most vicious piece of work ever written, a subversive’s manual, a handbook for anyone who thinks it is a really good idea to destroy Man utterly. And by “Man” I mean you, your liberty, the futures of your children and your country along with the other fellow’s country as well. It launches its step-by-step technology for the dismantling of civilization from a view of humanity that is utterly debased and then proceeds rapidly downhill from there. In fact, the denigration of man, his hopes, his dreams and his worth is so thorough I felt like grabbing the author by the scruff of the neck and saying “Listen pal, if you don’t quit badmouthing my species I’m gonna punch your ruddy teeth in.”

You think I’m exaggerating? Read the synthesis and decide for yourself.

First though, it might be a good idea to clear up just what “psycho-politics” is exactly. Essentially it is the use of psychiatry to achieve political goals. More accurately, it is the use of psychiatry to achieve totalitarian political goals for the very good reason that you can’t use psychiatry for any other kind of political goal. The manual makes it very clear that the goal is a totalitarian one, a dictatorship so absolute it might even make Hitler blush. But to try to use psychiatry for anything other than the achievement of a totalitarian state is as unworkable as trying to use a sledgehammer to arrange a vase of flowers or further the cause of peace on Earth by beating people up.


To nicely set the tone of what is to follow, the manual begins with an address given by Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria to students at the LeninUniversity. You can look Beria up on Wikipedia. Put bluntly, Beria was a mass-murdering nut-job, Stalin’s right-hand psychopath and a prime example of what happens when you let complete lunatics run your country. I’m not sure if he wrote the textbook himself but this utterly horrific, degenerate piece of work sure has his psychotic stamp all over it. Beria, as a brief scan of his history will tell you, just LOOOVED psychiatry, mainly because it handed him the practical tools with which to force on humanity Communism’s pseudo-scientific rationale and do in as many of his fellow human beings as he could cram into a busy schedule.

Psychiatry can’t make people well (as the manual states) and if you study this horrible treatise you’ll see that it was never intended to but it DOES comprise a crude technology for enslavement the likes of which earlier would-be enslavers of Man like Caligula or Genghis Khan or even Satan would have drooled over.

Now here’s an interesting thing: as you read the synthesis you’ll note the remarkable similarity between the Communist view of man and what should be done about (or to) him and the psychiatric view of man. These two philosophies mesh and intertwine as comfortably as two peas in a pod and at least one of the links between the two “disciplines” is one Ivan Pavlov, psychiatrist, of salivating dogs fame. His work is the foundation for the methodology of psycho-politics and he “serves as the adopted father of Marxist psychology” according to David Noebel, whose book is excerpted here:

Be all that as it may, put simply, the whole methodology of psycho-politics as described in the book boils down to this: “How to drive human beings into apathy and keep them there.”

It is based on the amazing discovery that someone in a deep apathy will do what you tell him and is easy to control. Who would have thought it, eh?

Anyone could probably figure that out for himself except that it never enters the heads of most people to devote any mental effort to the vexed question “How can I drive my fellow human beings into a deep apathy?”

Most of us have more important things to think about but apparently psychiatrists didn’t and not only did they think about it, they then figured out ways to do it.

None of it is rocket science. It is a very crude technology but nevertheless devastating in the hands of someone degenerate enough to actually apply it to his fellow human beings.

They discovered for instance that if you give a person enough violent shocks of the physical or mental variety you’ll drive him into apathy; if you damage his brain using electric shocks or surgery you’ll turn him into a vegetable; if you lie to him consistently, systematically and without conscience, you’ll confuse him.

And of course you are perfectly justified in doing this to a human being because a human being is just a piece of meat and of no value.

That about sums up the basics of it. From there it was a simple matter to evolve some techniques to bring it about. They are not subtle or clever but what distinguished them is that someone is actually willing to use them. And what protects this operation from exposure is that nobody dreams that some people can be that manipulative and evil. As it says in the manual: “And, should anyone unmask a psychopolitical operative, that operative should at once declare the whole thing to be a physical impossibility and use his authoritative position to discount any accusation. Should any writings of psychopolitics come to view, it is only necessary to brand them a hoax and laugh them out of existence. Thus, psychopolitical activities are easy to defend.”

It’s all right there in the manual, the whole cruel, grubby scheme. Someone dreamed it up, wrote it down and placed it in the hands of lunatics like Stalin and Beria. The textbook was the psycho-political subversive’s primer and used by the Communists to train their psychiatric operatives in how to bring down America and her Western allies. It contained crude but effective strategies for undermining the vitality, moral fiber, confidence, pride and unity of a nation as well as a lot of handy stuff on how to ruin people individually. The most fascinating thing is that you can see these strategies still at work today, right in front of your very eyes. Because they are at work right here and now, it is a very good idea to understand them.


But that begs two questions:

  •  As Stalin and his Communist crew are long gone,  who today is masterminding those strategies and financing their execution?
  • You’ll also see that executing the strategies  outlined in the manual require massive funding. Who now supplies the funding?

Well, my suggestion is that when you read the treatise, every time it says “Communism,” substitute “New World Order” and every time it says “Communist Party”, substitute “The Elitists”.

But what of the Tavistock?

Here we have appearing in the 1930s a crude science of psycho-political manipulation straight out of the Wundt-Pavlov school of psychiatry sufficiently evolved to appear in a textbook to be used by subversive operatives against populations.

By the time World War Two arrives we have Rees’ Tavistock introducing to the world pretty much the same strategies and turning them with Beria-like enthusiasm upon the population of Great Britain, America and, well, just about everybody. So I surmise from this that the psycho-political operatives of the Tavistock were carrying forward the strategies laid down in the Russian manual and doubtless still are today.

In fact, one sees the very same psycho-political strategies used by the Nazis in Germany; just after World War Two by the Apartheid Regime in South Africa (a regime with links that trace back to the Kaiser Wilhelm psychiatric Institute in Germany – the German counterpart of the Tavistock); by the Communists in China, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the Ethnic Cleansing mob in Serbia under the banker Slobodan Milosevic and the psychiatrists Raskovic and Karadzic) and by countless terrorist groups.

Several things are worthy of note: The common thread of psychiatry and their  psychopolitical agendum runs through a chain of the 20th Century’s worst humanitarian catastrophes.

  •   The psycho-political engineers appear to operate  like a virus that eventually kills the host before moving on to a new host.
  • You’ll see from the manual that the  psychopolitical strategies being touted as a means to destroy the West were first tested upon and used upon the Russian people in an effort to   achieve total dominion of the Communist Party over them. In terms of the  goals Stalin and Beria and their pals had for it then, it backfired badly because despite the best efforts of the Russian CP and its pet psychiatrists to mess with the people’s heads, the people couldn’t wait to  see the back of the bastards. But this begs the question: was the tail wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail? Was the CP using psychiatry  to achieve it ends, or did psychiatry simply move in on the local lunatics and at the behest of some other paymasters (such as, I suggest by way of a  hypothesis, the Rockefellers) work through them to use Russia as a laboratory?
  •  Soon after the dark minds of the Tavistock  decided to make the Brits the beneficiaries of their necromancy, the  vitality and confidence of that nation evaporated rapidly. The country’s    own government committed treason by handing over her governance to a  foreign power and Britain wound up in the space of a generation as a  member of a club of similarly declining nations all banded together on the  premise that none of them any longer possessed the vitality to “make it”  on their own.
  • A similar internal decline began apace in America,  even though her military and monetary power was on the rise. America to her immense credit can however take punches like Rocky and still get up from the canvas to punch back. She has proven very hard to kill.

The decline of western nations is plain for all to see. The text book makes it clear how this has been done and one can see clear evidence of virtually every point of the psycho-political strategy, right down to the wholesale drugging of populations, the destruction of morals, the erosion of national pride, the discrediting of popular leaders, the use of fear of external threat, the destruction of pride, the,  discrediting of workable therapies in mental and physical healing, the suborning of politicians, the infiltration of groups to break them up from within or to set groups that could and should have been allies at one another’s throats. One can even see it in the failure – until now – of the freedom movement itself to unite and coordinate its actions.

I won’t belabor the point. If you read the treatise, you’ll see what I mean. As I warned earlier it makes depressing reading but before you start feeling overwhelmed, please bear these points in mind:

What you are looking it is a crude technology. Yes, it can be quite effective in doing people in. You can maybe destroy a culture with it but you can’t build anything with it. It ain’t rocket science: it is erratic and unpredictable in its results. The fact that there is a freedom movement that is not only still here but actually growing fast testifies to that fact. Considering the extent to which this mass brainwashing has been used, the resources poured into it and so forth, we should all “sheeple” (and “sheeple” is the ideal state for the citizen according to the manual) by now. But we aren’t.

It only works on a broad scale if people are not aware of what is being doing done. The only aspects of it that are irreversible are the use of ECT and psychosurgery on individuals (described in the manual) yet even pain-drug-hypnosis (also described in the book) can be handled.

The rest of it relies on deceit and trickery, the old stock-in-trade of the oppressive: lies. Once people are aware of the trickery used and how it is used, it becomes very hard to make them fall for it. I’ll give you an example from the manual, by citing a couple of paragraphs:

“The enslavement of a population can fail only if the rebellious individuals are left to exert their individual influence upon their fellow citizens, sparking them into rebellion, calling into account their past nobility and ideals of freedom. Unless these restless individuals are stamped out and given into the hands of psychopolitical operatives early in the game, there will be nothing but trouble as the conquest continues.”


“Where groups interested in the health of the community have already been formed, they should be infiltrated and taken over, and if this is not possible, they should be discredited, and the officialdom of the area should be invited to stamp them out as dangerous.”

Now, imagine if so-called “rebellious” leaders or groups dedicated to the good of the community are fully aware that this strategy can and probably will be used against them. Imagine if the community becomes increasingly aware that this strategy can and will be used. Once they are aware of it, they will be on the lookout for it, able to recognize it when it happens and will already have evolved a strategy for dealing with it.

Forewarned is forearmed. Know your enemy and especially know his strategy. Then make sure everybody else knows it.

Find their crimes and expose them.

The truth, as ever, will set us all free.



Steve Cook

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