Put Israel On “UN List” of Serious Violators of Children’s Rights: A Message to Ban Ki Moon

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By TLB Staff Writer, Radio Host & Sr. Admin Of TLB’s newest website Middle East Rising: Ariyana Love

Citizens World News, Middle East Rising and 4PalKids are running a crucial social media campaign to ensure Ban Ki Moon and the UN gets a clear message that we want Israel on the UN List of ”Serious Violators of Child Rights!” With Israel on the UN List, international bodies can finally place long awaited sanctions on Israel.

The latest UN failure in humanity was their cowering to Israeli pressure as reported by the Guardian newspaper in March:

UN officials accused of bowing to Israeli pressure over children’s rights list

Senior UN officials in Jerusalem backed away from a meeting where they intended to recommend Israel’s IDF be added to the UN list of children’s rights violators. Sources say UN officials canceled the meeting altogether after threatening phone calls from Israeli Zionist officials.

Israelis warned of serious consequences if a meeting of UN agencies and NGOs based in Jerusalem to ratify the recommendation went ahead. Within hours, the [February] meeting was cancelled.”

Frustrated, Palestinian civil society advocates called for the resignation of the UN officials who are implicated in sabotaging the efforts to place the Israeli military on the UN list of serious violators of children’s rights. Within days of the Guardian article, UN stated, “no decision has been taken and Israel could still be included on the list”.

Observers in the occupied territories of Palestine supported by documented evidence have long condemned the actions of the Israeli Government to key global organizations such as the United Nations (UN), along with vital participants in the Middle East such as the United States (US) to no avail.

Consequences of these silent stances have resulted in the escalation of the criminal behaviour of the Israel Government enabling collective punish of an unarmed civilian population to be carried out with impunity since 1948.

These silent stances have simply created a situation, which has provided Israel with a license to torture, steal, imprison and kill unarmed civilians including their children, their elderly and entire families.

The silence by the world leadership on the humanity of Palestine is deafening which is further quelled by the machinations of the pro-Israeli lobby groups that have made it impossible for anyone, never mind a world leader or organization to publicly condemn Israeli political policies that openly support illegal wars, blockades and the occupation of another people.

Even with the direct evidence in front of us, with the visual imagery reported daily on the internet and various media sites, with narratives provided by the Palestinians themselves and the documented atrocities of the Israeli settlers and Israeli forces by non-partisan organizations that show the disproportionate devastation and indiscriminate violent acts of Israel against the Palestinians, the UN and the US allow Israel to circumvent any investigations or condemnations.

In the past 70 years there is no other ethnic group on earth that has been subject to the abuses and crimes that the people of Palestine have experienced for such a prolonged period. Meanwhile the most relevant global organization, the costly and politically staffed UN, that was created to be at the switch to prevent these actions solely in its mission, and the US, as the world’s only hegemonic power that not only finances the Israeli military but also supplies weapons and technology so that Israel can test those weapons in Gaza and dominate the unarmed, civilian Palestinian population. Both operate with complicity in the State of Israel’s crimes against humanity as per the Rome Statute, Geneva Conventions and other international humanitarian laws found under the ICRC through their silence and caving to Zionist pressure tactics.

The final decision for the UN List is made by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and will be decided May 15.th

Right now the UN and Ban Ki-Moon could be caving to political pressure even though they have international law, the UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other legal instruments including the UN-Covenant for the Rights of the Child, and UN Resolution 1612 on Children and Armed Conflict –of which all, Israel is a signatory.

What has to happen for the UN Secretary-General not to succumb to more Israeli pressure?

We have a multi-pronged, easy action plan that you can take part in it.

What we need you to do today:

1. Sign the Petition to Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon.

Petition to Put IDF on the UN “list”

Our NYC representative will hand deliver petition signatures on-camera, in-person at the UN headquarters, office of the Secretary-General to ENSURE he knows that the people of the world are not willing to be intimidated.

2. Also sign the ThunderClap

“URGENT: UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-Moon: Include Israel on the UN list of violators of children’s rights under armed conflict!

We have set up to explode the internet so even more supporters like you are able to help protect children within armed conflict who are targets of military actions.

Petitions & social media work, so do not hesitate to participate!

3. Then we need you to join our campaign and share everywhere so we can accumulate as many signatures possible. You will see on the petition when you sign it that you have the option to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

UN: Put Israel on “The List” (FaceBook Events)

Please visit and like: I Acknowledge Apartheid Exits

Apartheid 1

Help us over the next week:

Participate in the social media storms we have planned to call attention to the plight of children in armed conflict in Palestine where children are vulnerable and systematically under attack:

CWN Social Media Team

Put Israel on the List

Targeting of media organizations such as CNN, France 24, BBC, CBC and ABC to report more accurately and give the whole story, not the sanitized or pro-Israeli version that has dominated the airways for decade. We are pushing the campaign hard this weekend.

Promote the latest #ShutDownAIPAC social media storm that addresses the fact that AIPAC, who through the control of the US Congress facilitates the financial and political support of the State of Israel that not only makes the US complicit to the crimes of humanity committed by the Israeli army but also maintains a conspiracy of silence and propels the impunity of Israel’s policies and actions.


Become one of the millions who are not afraid of intimidation, who want no part of whitewashing or covering up Israel’s and its army’s crimes against humanity, who want to end the impunity, who want to end the systematic targeting of Palestinian children for arrest, torture, detention, imprisonment, death and injury, WHO WANT all children to be as they were always meant to be, children.

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  1. Israel should stand in top of serious violators of Childrens rights. not just fysical even mental they are violating Palestinian Children from there rights.

  2. Israel is a terrorist state . What it causes in Palestine and against Palestinian people , is terrorism

  3. Please stand up for humanity and for the childrens sake whether you agree with the Palestinians or not, children have a right to live in peace and not have to worry about arrests and molestation and jail time! These are children, what would you do if it was yours?

  4. If Israel is not held accountable for its despicable crimes against Humanity then we will all be guilty of complicity and will have our turn at becoming the next victim of this parasitical rouge state.

  5. Put Israel on your Put Israel On “UN List” of Serious Violators of Children’s Rights

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