How Quantative Easing & Fractional Reserve Banking Work

By:  David-William | TLB Staff Writer

This video demonstrates the nature of your enslavement.  It shows the the beast conjured by the Rothschild Banksters and their foreign Agent B.A.R. Attorners in elected offices of trust to clear the path for them.  The Federal Reserve system was weaseled into the werks to function as a reticulating debt generator, ensnaring people into the debt created by the alleged lender, NOT the implied borrower.  Every time you go to get a loan, the “money” that gets created comes from you.  You are the secure creditor, and that’s what they do not want you to know.  You are the creditor/grantor, and the beneficiary, the bank isn’t a bank at all, it’s the servicer, TRUSTEE.  It’s a CORPORATION, in bankruptcy, with no money to loan, but they call themselves a bank.  Anyone can start a corporation and call it anything they choose, for example,  “BANK, BANK OF BOSTON, BANKLIKE, BANKISH, BANKRUPT, BANDITO, PIRATA BANK, etcetera…”

If you’re paying a loan that doesn’t exist, you are TRUSTEE.  It’s extremely important to know why and how you must NEVER be the trustee.  That means in wartime, you are squeezed for the loan, that you gave to the banks, and then made responsible to pay it.  How’s that for a screwing?  Remember, U.S. citizens are TRUSTEES.  You do not want that status or you’ll get cranked by the B.A.R. courts to pay the I.M.F. via “mortgages” that don’t actually exist, and taxes that you don’t owe, and fines, fees, and excises for the privilege of movement via licenses.  The energy vampires see you as an incompetent, inhuman milk cow.

Their objective is to manipulate the artificial debt bubble so that all the land changes hands by the appearance of sales, and of course, fake “mortgages,” “contracts,” concealments, lease “agreements,” repurchasing agreements, Power of Attorney, implied counterfeiting permission from the alleged borrower, and much more.

Throughout the ups and downs of their controlled, fictional credit supply, the banksters, their Attorners, and their armed thugs masquerading as Sheriffs in a non-existent “government,” will steal your land and your property and throw you out to the street, just because you think you’re TRUSTEE, JOHN. H. DOE.

Peter Joseph does such an extraordinarily good job at explaining the mechanics of the deception, that honestly if you watch it a few times, you’ll know more and more about the shameful crimes these Crown Agents perpetrate upon everyone than almost anyone you know.  It’s not an entertaining piece, so be prepared to catch everything, for your benefit.  It’s a boiled down, well organized, expose on what everyone truly needs to know about the mirage that looks like a lender, but IS NOT.  The bankers and Attorners are violently robbing Americans.  Please enjoy the fraud!



By Peter Joseph

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  2. Though it’s obvious that no individual may do so, Paul Krugman and his Ilk have convinced many that aggregating more than 300Million of us permits our nation to spend its way into prosperity while borrowing our way out of debt.

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