Question for the CDC – Where Has All The Thimerosal Gone?


Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Wouldn’t it be very convenient to be able to change or remove official documents from public scrutiny, at will, that can tie you (or your organization) directly to actions and decisions, to facilitate your avoidance of  responsibility for catastrophic mistakes or to hide obvious complicity?

Have you ever wondered how it must feel bearing the mental weight (conscience) for the loss of life and personal suffering on a massive scale, yet continuing and even advancing these mechanisms daily?

Have you ever stopped to contemplate just “how much money” is the trigger to sell out your fellow citizens and humanity into this realm of suffering and death … and still sleep at night?

People who meet this criteria are psychotic … as in not normal, because the promise of stature, enrichment or power are the triggers that seem to silence their conscience forever.

The very sad part of this true story is … these are the very people responsible for safeguarding the health of you and your precious children.

Christina England 1Once again something smells very rotten in the CDC, and TLB’s Christina England’s nose for news, and investigative skills, shines the spotlight on this as only she can.

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Question for the CDC – Where Has All The Thimerosal Gone?

By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

It appears that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have been up to their old tricks again. Let me explain.

A few days ago, I received an email from a very astute grandparent, informing me that the CDC had made several changes to their website, regarding the use of thimerosal in vaccinations.

She wrote:

“I wanted to alert you to the new “updated” vaccine ingredients list found on the CDC’s website.”

Intrigued, I checked the CDC website and sure enough, the CDC’s thimerosal fairy has waved her magic wand over the vaccine ingredients on their listings.

The only mentions of thimerosal read as follows:

thimerosal (trace)
thimerosal (multidose vial–trace only in prefilled syringe)
thimerosal (multi-dose vial only)

The only exceptions were:

Influenza vaccine (Fluvial)

and the Tetanus, Diphtheria (Td) vaccine (Decavac).

Thimerosal Fairy At Work

It appears that these changes have happened gradually over the past three years.

In August 2011, the vaccines containing thimerosal according to the CDC, were:

August 2011

“DTaP (Tripedia) – Thimerosal*

DTaP/Hib (TriHIBit) – Thimerosal*

DT (sanofi) – Thimerosal (multi-dose) or Thimerosal* (single-dose)

Hep B (Engerix-B) – Thimerosal*

HepA/HepB (Twinrix) – Thimerosal*

Influenza (Fluarix) – Thimerosal*

Influenza (Flulaval) – Thimerosal

Influenza (Fluvirin) – Thimerosal (multidose containers), Thimerosal* (single-dose syringe)

Influenza (Fluzone) – Thimerosal (multidose containers)

Japanese Encephalitis – , Thimerosal

Meningococcal (Menomune) – Thimerosal (10-dose vials only)

Td (Decavac) – Thimerosal*

Td (Massachusetts) – Thimerosal (some multidose containers)”

Please look at the bottom of this article to see the data sheets (1)


I compared this with the listings that I downloaded from the CDC website this morning:

October 2nd 2014 Vaccines including thimerosal

“DT (Sanofi) – thimerosal (trace),

Influenza (Fluvirin) – thimerosal (multidose vial–trace only in prefilled syringe)

Influenza (Flulaval) – thimerosal

Influenza (Fluzone: Standard, High-Dose, & Intradermal) – thimerosal (multi-dose vial only)

Meningococcal (MPSV4- Menomune) – thimerosal (multi-dose vial only)

Td (Decavac) – thimerosal…/b/excipient-table-2.pdf

Please look at the bottom of this article to see the data sheets (2)


Between August 2011 and October 2014, there was yet another version of the same table taken from the CDC website. This was downloaded just a few months ago by the grandparent who emailed me.

This one reads as follows::

“DT (Sanofi) – thimerosal (trace)

Influenza (Afluria) – thimerosal (multo-dose vials only)

Influenza (Flulaval) – thimerosal

Influenza (Fluzone: Standard, High dose, & Intradermal) – thimerosal (multi – dose vial only)

Meningococcal (MPSV4- Menomune) – thimerosal (multi-dose vial only)

Td (Decavac) – thimerosal

Td (Mass Biologics) – thimerosal (trace)”

Please look at the bottom of this article to see the data sheets (3)


In my first example from 2011, the CDC was extremely happy to include thimerosal on their listings, In fact, during that year, the CDC wrote the word thimerosal, using an upper case for the letter T.

However, in the two later listings, everything had changed and the word thimerosal was now all lower case.

The Big Question is WHY??

So, what is going on? Have all the drug companies suddenly developed a conscience or is the CDC once again trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

Over the past year, it has been confirmed, that the CDC have known for many years, that the vaccine preservative thimerosal can cause autism.

In January 2014, The Liberty Beacon published a prefaced article titled:
“The CDC & the Vaccine (Thimerosal) to Autism Link:” They Knew and They Lied

Roger Landry, the founder of The Liberty Beacon Project, wrote:

“As we are constantly being told by the CDC that Vaccines Cannot, Have not, and Will Never cause Autism, and that Thimerosal (the accused catalyst) has been removed from our vaccines, most dutiful citizens tend to accept this as fact. After all isn’t the motto of the CDC “Protecting Lives. Protecting people 24/7”? So how could we not fall in lock step with an entity so bent on our safety and protection? …. Except they are blatantly lying and have had the facts of just the opposite in their possession since 2003 or earlier.”

He continued:

“When a department of the government charged with the protection of the citizens of this country jumps through painstaking hoops to hide the truth about a mechanism that has led to the catastrophic rise of Autism in this country and intentionally and blatantly misrepresents this information … well, let your imagination run wild and you will probably still not be hitting on the level of evil and tyranny this truly represents.”

After his short preface, Mr. Landry re-published an article (as an attachment) from Natural News, which was originally written in 2011. The article was titled, Exposed: CDC Deliberately Manipulated, Covered-Up Scientific Data Showing Link between Vaccines Containing Mercury and Autism!

Natural News writer Ethan A. Huff wrote:

“Deniers of the link between mercury-laden vaccines and autism are going to have a hard time denying the latest findings by the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD). The nonprofit group has obtained critical documents via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that exposes the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) role in deliberately lying about and manipulating a key Danish study that showed a clear link between vaccines containing mercury and autism.”

Huff continued:

“According to the documents, CDC officials removed large amounts of data from the study that showed a decline in autism rates following the removal of Thimerosal. The agency then twisted the remaining data to imply an increase in autism rates following the removal of Thimerosal, and suggested that there was no link between Thimerosal and autism.

Upon submission of the CDC’s tainted version of the study to Pediatrics, the study’s authors contacted CDC officials to let them know that the agency had incorrectly interpreted the data. They tried to tell the CDC that its figures and conclusions were wrong, and that corrections needed to be made.

The CDC allegedly responded by saying that it would take a look at the incorrect data, but proceeded to submit the corrupted version of the study to Pediatrics anyway. After encouraging the editors of Pediatrics to perform an expedited review of the corrupted study, the CDC ended up convincing the journal to publish the fraudulent study, which it did in 2003.”

The CDC’s manipulation of the facts did not stop there.

In August 2014, the Autism Media website published a recording of a telephone conversation between the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and Dr. Brian Hooker. The recording is titled, ‘CDC Whistleblower Dr. Thompson on Thimerosal and Pregnant Women .’

During the telephone conversation, Dr. Thompson made the following statements:

“You know in the United States, the only vaccine it (thimerosal) is still in is for pregnant women.”

I am guessing by this he means the flu vaccines. He continued: “I can say confidently that I do think … thimerosal causes tics.

So, I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women. Like, that’s the last person that I would give … mercury to.

Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics. You start a campaign and make it your mantra!

Do you think a pregnant mother would want to take a vaccine that they knew caused tics? Absolutely not! I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics. I can say, tics are four times more prevalent in kids with autism. There is biologic plausibility right now to say that thimerosal causes autism-like features!”

These are strong words from the whistleblower because, by making these statements, he verified that giving pregnant women vaccinations containing thimerosal heightened the risk of their unborn child developing “autism-like features.”


I feel in this instance, my conclusion is the easiest one that I have written.
I only have this to say.

Parents, grandparents and guardians have been continually misinformed by an extremely corrupt and dangerous organization. This organization namely the CDC, has continually removed data and changed their website to cover up the evidence.

Due to one extremely courageous and very astute grandparent, the CDC has been caught altering their data yet again!

What do they have to hide?

Our grateful thanks go to grandparent Constanze Carlson.


TLB: On the outside chance that these data sheets disappear (this happens often), we are providing them here for a permanent record … Please click on the documents to enlarge them for your investigation.

(1) Page 1

CDC vac Ingredients AUg 2011 zz1(1) Page 2

CDC vac Ingredients AUg 2011 zz2(1) Page 3CDC vac Ingredients AUg 2011 zz3(1) Page 4

CDC vac Ingredients AUg 2011 zz4(2) Page 1excipient-table-2.pdf Oct 2104 QQ1a(2) Page 2

excipient-table-2.pdf Oct 2104 QQ2a(2) Page 3

excipient-table-2.pdf Oct 2104 QQ3a(2) Page 4

excipient-table-2.pdf Oct 2104 QQ4a(3) Page 1

cdc conversion1a(3) Page 2

cdc conversion2a(3) Page 3

cdc conversion3a(3) Page 4

cdc conversion4a

2 Comments on Question for the CDC – Where Has All The Thimerosal Gone?

  1. Christina, again a very valuable article, thank you!
    For the readers I have to points to make:
    1. Every vaccine can cause autism. The way vaccines are damaging the recipient does not stop at mercury or live measles viruses. Every vaccine can cause brain damage, as well as upset/ruin processes elsewhere in the body. Sometimes this effect is immediate (SIDS, shaken baby syndrome) sometimes it takes a little longer (diabetes, cancer).
    2. Starting with the Flexner Report in 1910, funded by the Rockfeller/Carnegie/Ford Foundations , over the years Big Pharma has taken over the medical education, medical research, medical literature.

    Based on my research I have had to conclude that today’s Western patent medicine is not about curing or healing, but all about about money and population reduction.

  2. There is so much evidence now that the medical professions and academic research community are owned by Big Pharma, people are beyond help if they still will not believe that when politictians and the media talk about ‘health’ they mean the health of corporate balance sheets.

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