Race Hustlers: I’d Rather Have Ebola

Race Hustlers: I’d Rather Have Ebola

by Fred Reed

Oh help. Why is America, seething with racial animosity, simultaneously afflicted by so many race hustlers, the grave worms of nationality, who thrive on making things worse? It must be the Russians. Everything else is.

Blacks have the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jesse, and Al, and Black Lives Matter. Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos. and whites have VDare and Breitbart News, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, and Ann Coulter. Could we trade the whole bunch for a small nuclear war, or maybe an outbreak of the Black Death?

Our race-baiters operate identically, retailing nightmare stories of rape and degradation, asserting that the Hated Other will destroy civilization, that our children are not safe, and promising that these ills are irremediable. The goal is to stir their bases, often poorly educated, to a maximum of anger.To this end they cherry-pick, exaggerate, distort, and publish without fact checking anything that suits their inner demons. The rest of us suffer the consequences.

A point seldom made is that the white race hustlers are not specifically against, say, illegal Latinos, criminal Latinos, or Latinos dependent on welfare, though they routinely criticize these. They hate all Latinos or Americans of Latin-American descent: Citizens, the green-carded, descendants of families in America since 1848. There is no placating them.

Many of the assertions made by the hustlers are valid. For example, diversity is a disaster. Without it, we would not have had slavery, the Indian Wars, Jim Crow, race riots, burning cities, urban no-go zones, affirmative action, or the lowering of standards in virtually everything. Immigration is not worth the cost. Opening the borders is insanity. European civilization is indeed way superior to anything outside of the Far East.

OK, we’ve done that. But:

The tens of millions of Latino citizens cannot be deported. The illegals almost certainly will not be. Sometimes you have to deal with things as they are, not as you would like them to be. What now?

The future, if any, of the country will depend on the harmony achievable among the races. It is clear that blacks are as they will be, that they neither will nor can assimilate to European civilization. If they could have, they would have. This is a disaster, but there you have it.

This leaves Latinos. Can they assimilate? The race hustlers, VDare and Breitbart and so on say, and hope, not. They relentlessly portray Latin Americans as filthy, bearers of exotic diseases, stupid, illiterate, incapable of learning English, fertile as flies, criminal, perverted, and desirous of restoring a mythical Mexican state called Aztlan.


Do I exaggerate? Here is a sample of race baiting from Ann Coulter:

“When it comes to child rape, the whole family gets involved. (They are family-oriented!)” Coulter writes. “Far from ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ these are cultures where women help the men rape kids.” This is pure race hustle.. (All right, I admit that on many mornings the lady next door says, “Hola Fede, come help-me hold Rosita down. We’re having the biker gang over and I want to make sure thay all get a turn.”) While Derbyshire and Brimelow are slick, charming, cultured, and certainly not as crass as Ann they do not disavow this sort of thing.

My favorite and most amusing race baiter. Ann Coulter in her current Breitbart picture. being in fact fifty-eight years old yet disguising herself as a prom queen, perhaps in anticipation of Halloween. The photo may have been Photoshopped as in others her jaw looks more like a shovel.

As I live in Mexico I am particularly interested to know: How much do the hustlers affect public perception of Mexico and Mexicans? I do not know whether anyone reads VDare, but Breitbart has a massive following.

As a test of the propagandistic efficacy of the-hustling site: They often speak of the illiteracy of Latinos. Survey question: What does the reader believe to be the rate of literacy in Mexico? (Answer below)

Here it helps to know a little about the hustlers. I am reasonably familiar with them, having known various of the leaders by internet and otherwise, read their books, and heard at excruciating length from their followers. These leaders, highly educated, are mostly denizens of the Washington-Manhattan punditry corridor. They are not reporters, but publicists, speaking truth when convenient but not cultivating an unseemly familiarity..

While their hatred of Mexicans is real, they are not disinterested. Race hustling provides them with a lifestyle as we say today. The crusade allows them to sponsor conferences, sell books, get donations, and attract national attention. Never underestimate the gravitational pull of a lens. Wherever they go, true believers will welcome them. They are rock stars of a sort.

This means that they are trapped by their followers, unable to essay impartiality even should such an unfamiliar impulse take them by surprise. The rank-and-file want red meat, tales of rape and rapine, horrifying statistics however fraudulent, and endless assurances of mental deficit.

Suppose that, say, an editor of VDare, came to Durango or La Paz or Guadalajara, for a couple of weeks–it would probably have to be at gunpoint–and discovered to his horror that the Mexicans were a friendly and courteous people with many bookstores as good as any in Washington, that they had first-rate surgeons and dentists and info-tech people and did not throw garbage in the streets or leave their children alone in dirty diapers and, perhaps worst, had decent universities that didn’t sink to the level of so many in the US.

Would he admit to having seen such improbabilities? No. They would lose their hustler credentials, like a Marxist who said that, well, capitalism has some good points. Our imaginary editor, back from Durango, would talk only about narcos, who are as bad as usually described, and poverty, which exists.

An honest race hustler, if there is one, would not change his mind about immigration upon discovering civilization below the border. It would not convince him that mass immigration was a good idea, because it isn’t. He would not stop advocating The Wall, for which strong arguments can be made. But it would perhaps take the steam out of his polemical sails (hey, mixed metaphors are a form of diversity right? I’m being politically correct) It would not afterwards be so easy to tell an audience of infuriated followers that, “You know, actually they are not quite as bad….”) He would forever after be regarded as a turncoat and a race traitor.

Another survey question, if I may, to judge the Breitbart Efficiency Quotient: Question: What is the average number of births per woman in Mexico? (It has dropped like a rock in the US, butt that is another matter.)

Another point about the hustlers is that they do not want to ameliorate racial anger, but to fan it. If all the Latinos in America became boringly middle class, what would the poor hustlers do? They need racial animosity as much as feminists need rape culture, or blacks need oppression. They will all protect their rice bowls, financial or emotional.

Further, the hustlers are committed to identity politics. To a large extent hustledom divides the world into white and everybody else, which is about as identity as politics can get. Noticing that a Mexican cardiac surgeon and a Haitian alley-dweller differ somewhat requires a degree of perceptual granularity they do not wield. They see no difference among Mexicans, Guatemalan Indians, and Argentines. Wherever Argentina is.

Much of this is due to a curious blindness. It is astonishing how very, very little the hustler’s know about Latin America or its peoples. This is perhaps not surprising in many of the followers, who run from actually stupid to merely provincial. What once surprised me is that to my certain knowledge some of the leaders have written bitterly against Latins for years, decades even, with n ore than a few hours in Ciudád Juárez as research.

If you were judging millions of newcomers to your country, would you not (I thought naively) want to know how they behaved in their original lands as an approximation of what you might expect of them eventually in your own country? Whether their schools are as violent and degraded as the hustlers hope(No. ) Whether they are able to start successful businesses? (Yes.) Whether they get along easily with white people? (Yes. ) The hustlers are not interested. Behavior is irrelevant.

I finally realized that their multitudinous charges of disagreeable qualities were political cover for the underlying reason for hostility: race. If every Mexican had three doctorates in astrophysics from Stanford, spoke fourteen languages, and carried not even one paltry medieval disease, it would make no difference.

Which brings us to The Question One Must Not ask the race baiters…

What policies do the hustlers espouse toward the permanent Latino population?

The hustlers can’t answer, because any answer other than death camps (it’s been tried, got a terrible press, and anyway didn’t really work) would be to give the Latino population a degree of legitimacy. It would be to concede their permanency. This hustlers cannot bring themselves to do. Their mobs would revolt. The leaders know that if they ever admit the blindingly obvious,that those who are here to stay are here to stay, then–oh God, oh God– some sort of accommodation would be necessary. Someone would say the A word.


Assimilation, which is happening, must inevitably lead to intermarriage, and is. Mexicans are attractive people, no matter how much you squinch up your eyes and hiss. So much for racial purity.

A brief guide to the inevitability of matrimony.

(A digression: Years ago I went to Washington to speak to a conference of American Renaissance, an anti-immigrant site. When we broke for supper the waitress at my table was a very pretty Latina, of perhaps nineteen years. I asked her where she was from. “El Salvador,” she said in perfect unaccented English. I saw where the future lay.)

Various leaders of the hustlers have said clearly that they oppose assimilation. Thus we have the open-borders people, who want to admit millions of Latin-Americas to the US, and the race baiters, who want to make sure they don’t assimilate. What could be more advisable?

Literacy: 95% (figures from CIA World Factbook)

Fertility: 2.22 births per woman. That is less than a fifth of a child (the legs perhaps) over zero population growth, which is 2.1


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