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Both Republicans and Democrats throw numbers around about how many people the Affordable Care Act will and will not cover. Both are wrong. Obamacare enthusiasts claim that 40 million more Americans will now have health insurance. Those against the bill say that 30 million people will still be uninsured. Both are way off, and I am wondering where they are pulling these numbers out of.

It’s the same thing with polls. Low information voters are made to believe that in a country of a lot more than a quarter of a billion, a poll conducted on only 1,000 people can tell them all they need to know.

With a butt-load of people believing in these skewed polls, focus groups, and NOT AT ALL BIASED IN ANY WAY news network commentators, it’s no surprise that establishment Republicans and Democrats try to fill our heads with this “malarkey,” as our well versed Vice President likes to say.

Here are some raw statistics for you to chew on. There are nearly 314 million people living in America. That is a hell of a lot more than the 30 and 40 million people that we keep hearing about. What about the others?

The working population (ages 18-65) consists of about 190 million people. There are 90 million people (ages 18-65) that are out of the workforce. (Either unemployed, not looking, or collecting some sort of entitlement) There’s about another 90 million collecting Medicare and Medicaid. That means that around 46% of adults that can work, are not working.

Only 25% of workers get healthcare.(That’s 25 million people) Of the 25 million people with healthcare, 25% get family, and 75% get individual coverage. That means 5 million people with the average family of 4 comes out to about 25 million people covered with family insurance. 75% of the workforce get individual coverage, and that comes out to about 20 million adults.

To sum it all up:

Population covered w family insur thru work: 25m Population covered w indiv insur thru work: 20m Total population covered w insur thru work: 45m Total American population: 313m Population covered thru work: 45m Total American population NOT covered: 313m – 45m -90m= 178m

Republicans and Democrats passed a bill that already has begun to cripple the economy, and they somehow forgot to count ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT MILLION AMERICANS.

Another lie by a politician (are we surprised?) was President Obama’s claim that his signature piece of legislation will only cost taxpayers 900 billion dollars over ten years. The CBO already calls that statement a load of you know what, and points out that it is projected to cost us nearly 2 trillion dollars.(and we all know projected costs are always higher) That’s more than quadruple Obama’s claim for those who are enjoying this math lesson.

So….it’s going to cost 2.4 trillion dollars over ten years to either only insure 40 million more people, or not insure 30 million people. Either way, our genius career politicians that our unwitting friends keep electing into office are somehow missing about 240 million Americans. What are they, chopped liver?!

Are you beginning to see that it just might be quite possible that politicians are only passing laws that socialize our economy, obtain more control over us, and make citizens more dependent on government in order to make more money for themselves? Shocking, right?

Just imagine how much it would really cost taxpayers if politicians weren’t so forgetful. By using the CBO’s math for this current Obamacare projection, it’s only logical to estimate total costs to actually cover every American would exceed 10 trillion dollars in less than a decade… and that’s being mighty generous.

In conclusion what should you take away from this? May I suggest if you’re going to vote for bureaucrats that consume us and our economy, our rights, and our privacy with socialist policies, at least elect folks who will fail us the right way for God’s sake! Gee whiz!



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  1. Didn’t you follow the political corruption going on with Jr Bush and Ron Paul? Election fraud. Media manipulation.

    And think about our current president. Just how did he suddenly become a front runner for president?

    We have a “two party” system. Choice is East Coast Mob or the West Coast Mob.

    Is that really a choice?

    And we don’t want democracy – that’s the same as a lynch mob. We want a republic – that’s where people have rights over the majority rule.

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