Reality Bites – Episode #1: Liberty, the Meaning & Cost

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Intro & Video (Reality Bites Part #1) by TLB Staff: Pam Jones

What follows is an integral part of The Liberty Beacon website, the flagship site of the Liberty Beacon Project founded by Roger Landry in August of 2012. The video you will find below this introduction is part one in a series to present to you the many (hundreds) of memes Roger has published over the last almost four years relating or speaking to the myriad of issues we all face in America (and globally) today. Please read and watch Reality Bites Part #1. There will be other videos in this series following on a regular basis drawing from the plethora of memes available at Reality Bites, and more.


(Excerpt from Reality Bites)

As the founder of The Liberty Beacon project I felt the need to share these images based on my thoughts, feelings, angers and passion’s over the last few years covering this projects birth and maturation, concerning many topics and concepts. These are bites out of the reality we all face, suffer or are forced to confront in this chaotic world we live in today.

A vast majority of the material you will find here are my thoughts … not copied from other sources (unless stated so), although obviously influenced by many great sources.

Having worked in the Military Industrial complex facilitating D.O.D. contracts for a majority of my adult life, the blight of political, military, environmental, financial and health tyranny I have experienced since my awakening a scant five years ago, has rocked me to the core and endangered my very foundation of reason to a magnitude most could not comprehend.

The truth will either set you free … or it will tear your foundation of beliefs apart … I have experienced both

Each of the pictures/memes I present, along with the articles I have authored (most on this site) are a direct result of  in-depth research precipitated by my very traumatic awakening. These recorded comments and pictures come from my heart and my soul. I hope they exercise some influence on you as well.

As time goes forward I will be adding more images to the many that already exist at Reality Bites,. Please feel free to share any you find interesting or pertinent. My only request is that you make no changes to the pictures (memes). Thanks you for your considerations and your support of The Liberty Beacon project.

Roger Landry (TLB)


The above video was composed by TLB Staff: Pam Jones … see the original video here:

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