Reclaiming the Power of Our Free Will


By TLB Contributors: B. and C. Aum

Those who have been selected into any political office need The People more than The People need THEM. It threatens them to think that they won’t be able to collect wages if each of us stops giving them a title of importance. They would simply become unemployed, and useless. Their services would no longer be needed, they would no longer be in charge of doing nothing, and getting paid for it.

If you’re not dealing directly with the culprits on a Present state reality, then you are not affecting how they do their jobs at all. They are experts at evasion, illusion, and persuasion. Although they evade labor, give the illusion of working, and can persuade you to pay them, they in reality do nothing but pretend to talk and debate issues that in realty are never really addressed. Its all a public show or sham to fool the public into handing over the cash, and control of world affairs.

They are never at where you think they are because they are scared of being revealed, and confronted for participating in criminal acts. They fear taking account for their deceptive malevolent public displays that support the propaganda of the Globalists.

They control the scripted propaganda they are executing, as it can only be perpetrated in the Present Living Moment during people‘s distracted lives, that’s why they need to control the Media town criers, this is their voice in the wilderness. They create laws, rules, and conditions, as a mere puzzle to keep you amused, and preoccupied from obtaining truth to your inquisitive inquiries. Its to keep you mesmerized, and out of their deceptive affairs.

They keep you off-balanced by economically pressuring you to juggle the struggles of daily personal support. The history that has been left to you or recorded by them has been subverted, and rewritten to defray you from the Truth, and to insure that they keep up with living out their lavish lifestyles.

Their motto is “putting you to work“, so they don’t have too. After all, someone has to work and it might as well be you because they deem themselves as the Architects behind the operation. If you attempt to piece together their version of history, you may be lucky to reveal unknown facts, according to published accounts by chronological events. Only then you may hope to find some answers, but it will still be viewed as assumptions, and mere speculation, just as if you were trying to discern or investigate a crime in which you were not directly involved with. Their twisted account of history has been their assurance of pedigree, and status. They deserve all, and you deserve nothing, except total debt, and enslavement.

In order to actually create actions that make or cause direct changes to our current state of issues, you must directly deal with them in the PRESENT Living Moment, as its actually occurring. You must play the part of the conscientious objector opposing their criminal agendas as they are being committed. Writing yourself in on history, as it actually is happening before your eyes.

An example would be if you suspect that they are being manipulative, then you would have to directly find them physically, and have them detained or questioned by authorities. If you cannot do this, then they are still evading you, which means that they are guilty, and refuse to answer specific questions

Remember, that most of what they do, is to make one decision to trigger something into transpiring, and to cause an action, as to set it forth, yet not be totally responsible for the overall conclusion of it, but rather to blame the whole for the way it has resulted. They fail to take personal responsibility for their part in initiating decisions, and their executions, so they can blame it on the whole party involved, instead of themselves.

They use technology, such as blue/green screens to conceal their real location, even when you see Congress on C-Span, you beLIEve they are busy working, but in reality, they are no where to be found. Why would the wealthy thieves want to spend their old lives working when they are already rich from stealing from you? The truth is they are not working, you only think they are. They are at some resort on vacation, or hiding in their underground D.U.M.B.s, while they give the illusion that ‘issues’ are being resolved.

These people are criminals who want only power and control over You. They want to collect wages for doing absolutely nothing. Unless everyone starts to Change their Perspective on what is really going on, all people will be duped and CONvinced that the Globali$t-$CUM is in ‘control’. The control factor they possess is the threat by force, and fear of incarceration. When you remove that chain of command, they will no longer be there to enforce it. There are many police, and military men who make their living enforcing the laws that these men are writing, and they are being used as revenue thugs. They fail to realize that they are working for the people who are exploiting their own families and freedom. Instead they see them as important ‘authorities‘, while its all an illusion.

They need to grow a Consciousness, and enforce the actual laws of Righteousness, which is to have them arrested for fraud and criminal offenses against Humanity world wide.

There is really no way around them, unless you apply actual Action and Force, you will fail to deal with them in a direct authentic relationship, words from the lower levels of Humanity have no affect on them because they are not enforced by physical action.
Think about your own relationships…What if you were in a relationship with someone you never saw or actually spoke to, or were unsure if they actually existed, then you would have no assurance, and not much of a real relationship.

However, most people pretend to know who is ‘representing’ them, and who they beLIEve they ‘voted’ for. This is an absurd illusion. They don’t know you, and you don’t know them. It’s like having a fantasy ‘relationship’ with some high profile celebrity.

People simply are not voting, people are not having any effect on the political process. You would have more of an impact if you simply would IGNORE everything they said and do, and that would be very alarming to them. They thrive and exist because of people’s attention, and the acknowledgement that is given to them as your so-called leaders. Our attention to them, gives them that personal ‘power‘ of recognition, and clout.

It’s ALL in people’s Minds, and to take back Our Power , each of us must simply CHANGE our Mind-sets, our Perspectives are the most Powerful tool we each assert as individuals, it forms our vision of the world, we live in…to Create what we want to SEE in Our World.
THEY need The People more, than we need THEM. Live your life, and exclude them from it, and they will automatically fall and become extinct like old dinosaurs. They need our labor, and our mental energy to sustain them, because they simply don’t want to labor for what they have.
So, what can You do?

1. We must learn from the past, but we must stop focusing on it, on their false historical text books, and rewritten accounts that have been authored to their advantage by themselves. They are known to spread propaganda and lies in order to sway your point of view to their Agendas. They also hire others to do their counter propaganda for them, that’s how lazy they are.

2. Keep piecing historical facts that point to all their trail of crimes, but don’t create too many assumptions of what has all ready been instigated, and now known as false history. No use crying over spilled milk.

3. Concentrate only on solving issues that reside in the Present State of action as you see them happening. Help to oust all those who are currently involved with collusion, and those who are perpetrating criminals acts on innocent humans, such as war crimes, and financial theft of the poor…by EXPOSING THEM.

Focus on exposing them as individuals. They are WEAK, and work on the bee-hive-mentality… have each be identified, subdued, investigated, arrested or incarcerated. Give names and titles to keep them in uncertainty.

4. Ignore everything they want you to participate in or support, especially if they are making profit or exploiting an issue.

5. Expose the media for what it does and reveal its lies. Beware of the media’s infiltration of your Mind., by reading into issues deeply. The teLIEvision is meant to PROGRAM You into thinking the way they want you to think…in THEIR twisted Way.

6. For our future, we must all keep proper historical accounts that are aligned with Reason, Common Sense, and Logic. We must only trust those who have Direct Experience, Expertise, and an accumulated Wisdom in the matter. Appoint a Board of WISE Councilors or altruistic individuals with nothing to gain, to pursue truths, and resolve issues, and to ascertain real facts for the benefit of All human life in the world.

Eventually if we assert our Free Will long enough we will transcend the evil that has taken over our lives, and it will be left behind as a reminder that we must be vigilant and aware of who is leading our lives.

If every good man does his unselfish part there will be no room for greedy behavior, and all will be well with our freedom, and our families lives.

People need to move into complete Self-Governance, if they are to survive the psychopathic minds of evil men.

We need a leaderless resistance, and move towards Self -Responsibility ~ Aum


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