RED ALERT: What in the Hell is Going on in California?

Posted by Pam Jones TLB writer/reporter & TLB editorial staff

Editors note: Unsettling and interesting events occurred this past weekend in Southern California’s Apple Valley.  Here we present two “takes”… one from an Alternative media source, and the other from Main Stream media. We will leave conclusions up to you, our Critical Thinking viewers.

By Nate |


Imagine hiking in the beautiful mountains of California, and all of a sudden, gun shots and loud shouting of “Allah u Akbar.” Then in just a matter of moments those gunshots are being fired in your general direction. This just took place in California. With the Obama administration’s goal of turning the USA into a Middle Eastern hell hole, it appears his dreams are coming true.

Late Sunday night, March 27th 2016; a group of campers and hikers stumbled upon a group of two heavily armed groups of Middle Eastern men, firing guns, and shouting. There were two groups of men, about 15 men per group, armed with heavy weaponry, attacking the hikers and campers.


Due to the nature of what an eyewitness stated, verse what the FBI is stating there are clear controversies in the report. The real question is, who is lying? The FEDS or the Eyewitness?

The USA is actively being invaded by illegal immigrants. The proper term for the two groups in the California Mountains is “terror cell”. However, it is very unlikely that there will ever be an official claim that these men were even there to begin with, due to the belief that “the immigrants are peaceful.” In reality the USA is being invaded by those who seek the destruction of this country.


About the author: Nate is a Christian Investigative Journalist specializing in reports related to the end times, transhumanism, psychological warfare, and rumors of war. Author, Researcher, and Owner of Freedom Fighter Times.


And now the Main Stream Media report:


FBI Investigating Reports Of 17 Men Chanting, Firing Off Shots In Apple Valley

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