Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury, Day 1 – Opening Statements [VIDEO]

ER Editor: The video of the opening statements of Day 1 lasts around 1 hour, 35 minutes. Below we’re providing some detailed notes on what is said and by whom, which does not substitute for listening to the whole thing. At the 10 minute mark, Viviane Fischer introduces the proceedings – this is where the video begins.

All participants make their case to us watching, we the jury. They explain the basis for their arguments; Reiner Fuellmich describes the steps of his case and which witnesses will be called (it is an impressive list of diverse experts) to testify at each step.



  • This enactment of a Grand Jury investigation, common in the US, is a model legal proceeding to the citizens of the world against leaders, instigators and accomplices in the formulation and execution of a plan to create a pandemic. It is a people’s investigation, called – ‘the people’s court of public opinion’. It is based on Natural Law, which in turn is founded on the notion that everybody is capable of distinguishing between good and evil, right and wrong. Humanity is at a critical stage which depends on the awakening of all people; the trajectory we are on must be reversed, and this grand jury enactment will contribute to that in rapid fashion. A grand jury hears evidence and then determines if a criminal indictment can be returned against the accused. It is usually conducted behind closed doors without the accused being present; this grand jury will be done, however, before the public using a real judge, lawyers and witnesses. It originates within a constitutional model of government that respects people’s natural rights and freedoms. We ask you, the public, to review the evidence presented to recapture our freedoms.


  • During the last 2 years we’ve witnessed the collapse of the democratic Rule of Law. Our most fundamental rights and freedoms have been taken from us in the name of a ‘common good’ that has never been endorsed. We expect a gigantic wave of victims to follow. Justice systems are no longer fulfilling their duties, i.e. there are no longer judges in Berlin. We cannot wait; we must assume our responsibilities to prevent tyranny. Natural Law gives us our sacred rights to oppose tyranny; it gives people legitimacy to do so. National and international justice systems have clearly failed to protect us from the tyranny we are witnessing. So it is within unwritten natural law that this court finds its legitimacy to initiate legal proceedings.


  • The US Declaration of Independence: we hold these truths to be self-evident … In 1891, the US Supreme Court explained that medical liberty is inalienable. Every individual has the control and possession of his/her own person. It is a right of complete immunity. In 1914, Judge Cardoso reaffirmed the same principle. In 1990, the US Supreme Court affirmed the right of a person to reject medical treatment. These rights come out of English Common Law. Anglo-American law begins with assumption that a person has full self-determination, is a master of his/her own body and may reject medical treatment. So how can our govts push an untested medical treatment on us without our consent, putting our livelihoods at risk?  Jacobsen vs. Massachussetts is the case the US government is relying on. This case actually does not support vaccine mandates. In 1902 hundreds of millions were killed in a smallpox pandemic, with a 30% death rate. Massachusetts passed a law that said you had an option to get vaccinated or pay a $5 fine. Jacobsen contested both these options: he paid his fine and demanded his money back. The smallpox vaccine had been used for 100 years and had been used extensively. After researching its efficacy and utility, the court determined that Jacobsen should NOT get a refund. The ruling in this case was based on Jacobsen’s right to have, and an acknowledgement of, totally free mobility in his non-vaccinated state. This ruling does not support today’s vaccine mandates. Covid, unlike smallpox in 1902, has killed a fraction of 1%, so the public risk element is not there. Further, the Covid vaccines are not actually vaccines. The smallpox vaccines did prevent transmission; today’s experimental treatments don’t, and we don’t know the long-term effects. Finally, Jacobsen’s punishment was a $150 equivalent sum in today’s terms. Today, people are losing their homes, livelihoods and college education. There is simply no comparison. So why haven’t the Covid vaccine mandates been declared unconstitutional? (She goes onto explain the importance of the Liberty Clause which grants the public their medical freedoms, and it is under this clause that the vaccines can be declared unconstitutional.) The nature of today’s Covid vaccines vs. vaccines of the past is a critical point.


  • This case involves the most heinous crimes against humanity under the guise of a pandemic. Despite the seeming complexity of the evidence, there are just 4 sets of relevant facts: 1. there has only been a pandemic of testing, not a real corona virus pandemic, which has been fuelled by a psychological operation designed to create mass panic on an ongoing basis globally. This is a long-planned agenda; the swine flu was its unsuccessful precursor 12 years ago. It has been cooked up by psychopaths who seek to gain full control over the people of the world they hate. They are using our govts and the media, both of which they own, to convey their panic propaganda.   2. The virus can be treated safely with other treatments such as vitamins and off-label ivermectin, HCQ, etc. But these methods were banned in order to get everyone injected with what will be shown to be ineffective, dangerous and even lethal injections. 3. The swine flu of 12 years ago turned out to be a mild flu, but they changed the definition of a pandemic in order to classify it as such before they created panic. This was their first attempt at creating a pandemic. This was done in part to divert attention from their fraudulent financial activities at the time (the Lehman collapse). The same intention exists behind this pandemic, too. We didn’t pay close attention around the time of the Lehman collapse, but it turned out they had been plundering and looting our coffers for decades. We would also have seen that our governments were no longer our governments. They have been taken over by the World Economic Forum and the leaders they create through the Young Global Leaders program as early as 1992. Merkel and Gates were 2 of their first graduates. These financial crimes went unpunished by our governments because they are aiding and abetting them. 4. The other side aims to take full and complete control over all of us, which includes destruction and take over of all small business activity to the benefit of major corporations. This also requires population control through DNA manipulation, and massive reduction of the population. mRNA experimental injections assist in this. But they also require the deliberate destruction of our democracy, the rule of law and the destruction of our institutions so as to create chaos. Ultimately, we should agree to losing our national and cultural identities, and instead accept a one world government under the UN, which is now under the control of them and the WEF. Digital passports are required which completely monitor all our activity; one digital currency will be used and issued by one bank – theirs. There are 6 figures involved: Christian Drosten, Anthony Fauci, Tedros (WHO), Bill Gates, Blackrock, and Pfizer. This case is about a long-planned agenda by an ultra-rich group of people and their financial mafia based in the City of London and Wall St. to use a pseudo-pandemic as a guise to obtaining full control while we are distracted. This group has been using various platforms on which to discuss their agenda, but the most important one is the WEF’s.  The WEF was created in 1971 by a then 33-year old Klaus Schwab. Its members are 1,000 global corporations with $5 billion in annual sales. Since 1992, they have presented their own group of political leaders to the world. Merkel and Gates were among the first, then Sebastian Kurz, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron and many more. This Davos clique promotes the shifting of the world’s assets to this group so that in 2030, ordinary people will ‘own nothing and be happy’ under their one world govt and single digital currency, along with a drastic reduction in the world’s population, and the manipulation of the remaining population’s DNA all the way into transhumanism. The pandemic was the way into this scenario, which had been planned going back to 2001, called Operation Dark Winter. Then the Rockefeller Foundation did another rehearsal in 2010 called Operation Lockstep. Finally, there was Event 201 in 2019, sponsored by Johns Hopkins, the Gates Foundation, the WEF and the Rockefeller Foundation. A week from now we will be calling on a range of witnesses (he names them) to testify about the historical and geopolitical background to what we are confronted with. They will also explain how a pandemic of international concern was created when they had almost no cases, based on the lie of ‘asymptomatic transmission’ and the PCR test that cannot detect illness. (He continues to name witnesses that will be called.) It will be shown that the virus is no more dangerous than the common flu, and that the PCR test, which cannot detect illness, was the basis for ALL anti-Covid measures, including the dangerous vaccines. Our immune systems were capable of dealing with this virus; there was no excess mortality anywhere until the injections started. There were no cases in early 2020, but they needed them in order to declare an international health emergency. This declaration of cases was based on false positive results and nothing else. (More expert witnesses are listed.) They will tell us that we were witnessing a banning of safe treatments from the start, and an introduction of treatments that constitute medical malpractice (Remdesivir, intubation, Midazolam). (More witnesses are named) They will show us that while the virus mortality rate was exceedingly low, the shots have been causing up to a 40% mortality rate since September 2021, and that certain batches constitute an experiment in lethal doses by the vaccine makers. The next group of witnesses will explain how we were brought to the lockdown phase, the mask mandates, social distancing, etc. up to the ineffective yet dangerous vaccines. And how our acquiescence was contrived through a gigantic psychological operation involving the MSM and our politicians. The next witnesses will explain the intentional destruction of our economies and a controlled crash of said economies, in order to introduce one world bank, etc. The final group of witnesses will explain how the other side’s agenda involves population control and eugenics.

ANA GARNER again, on the PCR test

  • Basis of pandemic was a lie produced by our governments simultaneously. The Big Lie is based on the PCR test, producing a case-demic. It is a genetic manufacturing technology that looks for specific bits of genetic code, that is all. It is not a diagnostic tool for active infection. Drosten knew this, yet it’s been used to create panic and compliance. The WHO recommended excessive cycle thresholds beyond industry standards, that produce almost 100% of false positive rates (97% in fact). So only 3% may be sick but we don’t know why because the test can’t tell us. Inflated case and death numbers have been manufactured. From this came all the draconian, destructive anti-Covid measures. Vaccine passports are next, to lock down the planet and put people in quarantine camps. Corruption in the system has enabled this. The end goals in Gates’ words are to vaccinate everyone on the planet with experimental gene-altering shots. What is the definition of a case? It is usually someone who is actually sick, not simply a false-positive test result. PCR testing should only be done on sick patients along with other indicators like clinical symptoms. So we’ve been testing healthy people in large numbers. The major health institutions have all recognized this. Drosten has shown he was aware of the test’s limitations. The test has only been good for creating worldwide panic. Death numbers due to Covid – based on a PCR test – therefore need to be reviewed. This fear has resulted in institutionalized discrimination of people who refuse the injection. The legal evidence of intent and knowledge is in present in the related FDA materials but they’re designed to confuse the reader, even lawyers. There is plentiful evidence of fraud and malfeasance throughout the Covid regime. The panic has been created to make the vaccine the only way out, to thus grant emergency authorization of the vaccines, which will then appear on childhood vaccine schedules. This is what is coming next.


  • March 2020 – we were caught unawares as a pandemic was announced. Then unheard-of measures were announced such as closing borders, social distancing, etc. Every country then went along with the same response. Media was relied upon for our information. We were told there was ‘no known cures’, yet some doctors were treating people with their own protocols of existing, re-purposed drugs and supplements. Then the major health authorities came out against this despite the fact that lives were being saved. In India there is a rich tradition of alternative medicines, which is enshrined in a government ministry. Doctors in these traditions were treating the virus successfully. When the ‘vaccines’ were rolled out, talk about treating the virus naturally was shut down. Doctors were ridiculed or fired. This was a red flag. The Emergency Use Authorization is only granted when there are no other treatments available, but this was not the case. In India, certain states such as Uttar Pradesh stood out for their successful treatment using ivermectin, but this information has been suppressed by those with vaccine interests. Scientific debate has been quashed. It’s clear that the vaccine has been pushed as the only solution. In India, the vaccine manufacturers have NO immunity from damage resulting from their products. Two cases claiming significant monetary compensation have already been filed by parents who have lost their child following vaccination. (She gives case details.) Several similar cases will be filed across India in the near future. The vaccines cannot be justified as ‘vaccines’ as they do not function like them in terms of prevention and transmission. Informed consent: all legal articles of the existing bioethics convention (2005) around obtaining informed consent of people receiving the vaccines have been breached. (She reads out legal articles relating to free and informed consent and human dignity.) She also cites a Scottish case relating to medical freedom. Further, there have been no sustained scientific debates on effective treatments, nor have their been clinical trials conducted to determine their efficacy by those who are responsible for designing and implementing public health measures. Natural immunity has simply been denied. Big Tech has contributed to this censorship. Drugs with an established safety profile are ignored while new drugs with no safety history are rolled out as safe and effective. The data surrounding drug and vaccine safety has been censored.


  • What is the noblest cause (he quotes Thomas Payne)? This has been exploited throughout the pandemic to advance their agenda of total control and dominance over an unsuspecting population, and how they have violated people’s constitutional rights. They have used the slogan of ‘following the science’ in pursuing the so-called ‘common good’. We must ask: what is the true nature of the SARS CoV 2 virus? It is not a novel virus as they say; its composition is considerably like that of SARS CoV 1. Second, are there alternative treatments available to treat it? Yes, there are; these are successful. Third and finally, what is the survival rate of the Covid-19 illness? Computerized statistical models and forecasts have been used to instill fear on this topic, but in reality, the survival rate is very high indeed. Seasonal flu has a higher mortality rate than Covid-19. So why did we pursue these anti-Covid measures? An incriminating statement Peter Daszak made to Fauci is cited, showing the true agenda, involving financial gain for certain parties. Only Big Pharma and Big Tech is benefitting financially from this, to the detriment of small business everywhere. People have been coerced and blackmailed during the pandemic, using a carrot and stick approach. Vaccination mandates have violated people’s rights. Dr. Robert Malone has warned us about the vaccines and the dangers of mRNA technology; adenovirus-based vaccines also carry grave risks. All are being imposed on healthy people who face no risks from the virus. The following concepts have had their definitions changed so as to suit the pandemic narrative: ‘pandemic’, ‘herd immunity’, ‘vaccine’, and ‘natural immunity’. These definitions were all altered to fit the defendants’ premeditated, intentional criminal offence – crimes against humanity. These definitions have not followed established epidemiological practice. He considers the concept of ‘astroturfing’ to help answer how so many people fell for this false narrative. This is a PLANdemic, not a pandemic.

At the end, Viviane Fischer invites lawyers to get in contact with the team if they would like to have evidence heard that contributes to the indictments. She also invites ordinary citizens to get in contact if they have, for example, lost their business, suffered vaccine damage, etc., so that their details may be made known to a wider audience.

[email protected]

Reiner Fuellmich: we are appreciative of viewers’ participation in this model proceeding. Some lawyers did not appear today but will do so later on when witnesses are questioned. We implore you to support us, watch these proceedings and tell the world what is actually going on. There are few sources we can trust, and this is one of the most important ones. We aim to give you a complete picture of what has happened and what is happening. Only then will we realize that we cannot trust those we are used to trusting, such as our governments and institutions, who have been infiltrated and used to propagate this agenda. It is only us, the people, who can put an end to this. We can assure you there will be cleanup after this, including the necessary procedures to bring justice, and bring those to justice who have committed these crimes against humanity. Thank you very much.



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  1. I understand that evidence will be heard from tomorrow; Saturday 12th February 2022. Will the hearings be streamed live? If yes, please confirm the streaming link. If no, where will be video presentations be made available? (Presumably not on the censorious YouTube)

  2. Once the accused are deemed guilty of various crimes against humanity how does this group have the ability to indebt? If you can direct me to a site where I can get that question answered that would be great. These people are so insulated I am hopeful this group will be able to bring them to justice.

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