RICO’S VERITAS: A Village of Cov-id-iots

RICO’S VERITAS: A Village of Cov-id-iots

By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

It finally happened. America hit the Trifecta of Idiocy. First, America became a nation of Tele-Vidiots. Then that generation raised multiple generations of Vi-diots(Video babies). And lastly, America became a nation of Cov-id-iots, swallowing hook, line and sinker, the false, fake narrative of the Covid, invisible virus. Please bear with me, I am pissed off and I am going to get raunchy.

The United States and Britain are the two nations whose populations watch more television per day, per week and per month, than any other nations in the world. As such, these zombies are the stupidest and dumbest in the entire world. Let me preface this by saying, if you are reading this article, you are obviously not one of the zombies.

Zombies do not know they are zombies. That is the key to the success of the total brainwashing of the American and British Sheeple. For instance, the British pride themselves on being a “free people” while living under the aegis of a Queen. How stupid are the British? The British will only be free when they overthrow and destroy the Monarchy. Both the American Sheeple and the British Sheeple pride themselves on being “informed and staying on top of things” by watching programmed television. This is the epitome of Idiocy. This has produced a “pseudo-intellectualism” in both societies where we have great swaths of Educated Idiots parading “naked”, like the Emperor, while waving their PhDs in our face. You can only be truly free when you love Freedom more than life itself. The British and the Americans rival each other for the position of “World’s Best Slaves.” The perfect slave is the slave that never even realizes that they are slaves. Personally, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Both populations live in an open air, free range prison of sorts and do not even realize how enslaved they actually are.

The Frequencies used to program and deliver TV signals are so subtle and ingenious that they cannot be detected without sophisticated tools. These frequencies are used to program our brains, aka, brainwashing, that is why it is called “television programming”, and are meant to entrap the recipient in certain designer frequencies, to control the thought process as well as the emotional process. I have called this the “Tyranny of the Mind.” Thomas Jefferson wrote, “For I have sworn upon the altar of almighty god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” If only Jefferson could have foreseen the invention of television. He would have been appalled and disgusted at the level of stupidity America has reached. My interest in Television goes all the way back to my college years. I took graduate level courses on the effects of TV in the mid 80s. There is a more current book titled, “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.” A must read.

Television, as well as the content of movies, has been weaponized by the CIA thru their various programs of control, specifically the Mockingbird Program and MK Ultra. The CIA and Hollywood have been in bed together since the early 50s. And I mean literally in bed. Television became the new “babysitter” for entire generations of American children and adults. Entire generations of baby zombies raised on “televison programming”. “Go watch TV and be quiet.” Grown men watching TV while eating their frozen TV dinners after receiving the appropriate dosage of microwaves. America turned over its children to the CIA as soon as “television programming” became available. It was Lenin that stated, “Allow me to teach your children for four years, and the seeds I have planted will never be uprooted.” The CIA took to Lenin’s teachings as a duck to water. In 1947 the first director of the CIA stated, “We will know our program of disinformation is complete when everything the American people believe is wrong.” Welcome to “1984.” Stupid is as Stupid does!!

Television programming creates an addiction in the Human Brain, and like all addictions, it is subtle and captures one’s consciousness without you realizing that you are an addict. All addicts believe they can “quit anytime they want.” Years ago when I was still married, I had weaned myself off of TV, but my wife was still addicted. I would be on the Internet researching subjects for hours and around ten or eleven o’clock, I would quit and walk into the living room. My wife would be passed out for over an hour, yet the second I turned off the TV, she would be instantly awake and yell at me, “Why did you turn that off, I was watching it.” Wherein I would inform her that she had been passed out for one hour. Of course, like all addicts, she would deny her addiction ferociously. She would actually get very angry at my “disrespect” for daring to turn off the TV set while she was “watching it.” That is perhaps one of the many reasons for our divorce.

A secondary event convinced me that my wife of the time, was a true and hardcore TV addict. I decided to conduct a non-scientific experiment and disconnected the satellite dish from service without telling my wife and children. I did it for one week, and then sheepishly confessed my “crime” around the dinner table. All hell broke loose, “How could you be so cruel, mean and insensitive to your family” were the first words from the lips of my wife. My teenage kids just glared at me for my cruelty, too  shocked to say anything at first. Then it really got serious, my wife instructed my children, “Get the Rope.” Needless to say I spent the next fews days in hiding at a friends’ house. It retrospect, it was pretty hilarious.

Next, once we were reduced to Tele-zombies, we passed that on to our children.  Not only did we addict our children to TV, we also addicted them to video games, Game Boys, Play Stations, etc.  So the average American family got a second free babysitter. I have seen women nowadays with babes in their arms and the child already has a video game to keep them “busy.”  What a fucking disgrace. That child will never become truly and authentically human simply because it will lack the human skills of intimate interaction with real humans.

American families have produced generations of men that can fly drones for the military and kill real humans without ever seeing a drop of blood, and without remorse. “Just following orders”, like the Good German Nazis of WWII. Not only without remorse, but without legal repercussions of any kind. “Good job son.” Best fucking job I ever had. “Unless he is caught up in murderous ecstacy, destroying is easier when done from a little remove. With every foot of distance there is a corresponding decrease in reality. Imagination flags and fails altogether when distances become too great. So it is that much of the mindless cruelty of recent wars has been perpetuated by warriors at a distance, who could not guess what their powerful weapons were occasioning.” The Warriors, Glenn Gray.

Such men never confront their Heart of Darkness and thus fail to tame the Beast within. They will remain forever in the Land of Pan, boys playing deadly games without realizing the deadly consequences. Much like our modern sports system, Pan Boys playing well into their forties and often past. And we, the stupid and the ignorant, worship them. “A man may slay hundreds and never see their blood flow.” In Search of the Warrior Spirit, Richard Heckler. When Bush junior was in power he said, “…we will bring them to justice,” which apparently now only involves an Air Force computer operator in Reno, Nevada pressing the ‘kill’ button and delivery of a drone missile without so much as breaking a sweat.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – The Truth

However, an account of every drop of blood spilt must still be given to our Lord God. No Man that has spilt his brother’s blood, will be free from Cosmic Justice, is whatever manner God dispenses it.

As our technology insulates us from a specific aspect of reality, our societal response seems to be to slip deep into bizarre dreams about that which we flee. Dreams that can become dangerous societal nightmares as we sink deeper into their tempting web of fantasy.” On Killing, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

By the time this Cov-id-iocy was rolled out by the CCP in early 2020, the American Sheeple were perfectly primed to accept the Alice in Wonderland and the Emperors’ New Clothes fairy tale and lock step with the rest of the world. The perfect, obedient Slave, “Yassa, mastuh, put on a mask, social distance, get my genocidal vaccination, drop to my knees, grab my ankles, anything else Mastuh?” Obey, obey and obey some more, never stop obeying Slave. The yearly mutating flu was weaponized by the CCP and renamed with the not-so-scary title, COVID-19, to create an invisible boogey man which apparently the whole world is afraid of. A world-wide “Boogey Man”, that is yet to be identified, much like the Big Foot/Yeti urban legends still existing. You would think that the CCP with all of the resources at its disposal, it could have come up with a scarier name than COVID. Personally, I like, Typhoon, The Wrathful. You would think the CCP could have had an empire wide contest to come up a name to really frighten the world. But just plain COVID? Oh, I forgot, they added the 19. That is what did the trick.

The Corman-Drosten paper admitted that they used in silico computer generated games, aka, “War Gaming”, to pretend to treat a virus they had never seen and did not have a live sample to work from. WTF!!! I hate to be crude, but that is known as a Mind Fuck! And the whole world went off to the races on this computer generated scenario. Oh, I forgot, just follow the money. “A surge in the stock prices of companies developing COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and testing kits has minted at least one new billionaire and boosted the fortunes of nine members of the three-comma-club.

These ten healthcare billionaires have collectively gained more than $7 billion since the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11. The ten billionaires hail from seven different countries, with only two Americans: Leonard Schleifer and George Yancopoulos of Tarrytown, New York pharmaceutical firm Regeneron. Here are the ten healthcare billionaires who have gotten richer since March 11, thanks to their ties to companies battling the COVID-19 pandemic”, see list at: These Healthcare Billionaires have gotten Richer Off the coronavirus Pandemic

There is another list that is probably not well known by the American sheeple. That is a list of how much money each individual state gets for a covid diagnosis. See list here: State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 caseCovid is about the corporate plundering of the financial system for the few that happen to be prepared for the fake pandemic. If you go to a medical dictionary, you will find that “corona viruses” have been identified for about 60+ years and are known by the medical establishment as the “common cold” or, “flu.” While many attempts have been made to develop “vaccines” for the coronas, Pig Pharma, has failed. But now under “Emergency War-Time” measures, the five to ten years of developing and testing can be swiftly and conveniently bypassed. Again, the question I have asked from the very beginning, “Cui Bono?” Silly Me!!!

Look stupid, the Covid 19 is nothing more than the yearly flu that mutated from last years’ flu and was re-named Covid 19 for the theatrical effect. And guess what? It will mutate again and again. That is why flu vaccines never work other than to give you last year’s flu. Welcome to the Matrix. Not to worry, in the years to come we will see Covid Versions 20-1,000. I sure hope the CCP comes up with a more frightening name in the meantime. Sadly, the effect has been substantially worse than expected, or was it? Have you noticed, or is it just me, the yearly flu disappeared and everyone is dying of COVID-19. Covid cured all known diseases, it even cured suicide deaths. COVID—YU DA MAN!! I hereby formally nominate COVID-19 for the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Humanitarian Work. Please read my chapter titled, “ANNOUNCEMENT AND DECLARATION OF THANKS TO THE CORONA-BEER-[IT’S NOT] US.” “Dear Nobel Prize Committee: I hereby…..”

The CCP with a lot of help from the Illuminati set up a world-wide psychological sting operation to destroy the economies of all nations and launch itself into the number one position as a world-wide leader in all aspects, commercial, military, technological and so forth. The CCP is rapacious and murderous. Along the way, the CCP has purchased more American Politicians than Politicians buy whores, including “boy pages.” And probably cheaper too. The United States “government” is awash with CCP psycho-political operatives hiding behind the most wonderful facades like “Senator, Your Honor, House Rep.,” etc. The United States “Rent-A-Whore, Inc.” fake, corporate “government” has always been for sale to the highest bidder. The CCP with its trillions of profit from its thousands of “sweat shop, concentrations camps” has “bucoo” money to spare. The United States House of “Government” is, and always has been, full of TRAITORS. As I stated in my previous Verita’s, Traitors are the lowest form of human life and should be executed without mercy. Treason is the Dark Side of Humans. Please read my chapter titled “Why Treason?”

How was this achieved so successfully, so easily and so fast around the world? “When people become angry, or frightened, they stop thinking with their forebrains (the mind of a human being) and start thinking with their midbrain (which is indistinguishable from the mind of an animal). They are literally scared out of their wits.” On Killing, by Lt. Col. David Grossman. Nothing scares humans as much as the thought of ceasing to exist as we know ourselves. Our Personal Egos fear their own Death more than anything else in the whole of creation.

According to MacLean, The Triune Brain, humans in a state of fear are actually reduced to using their “Reptilian Brain”, which is the oldest part of our Triune Brain and is the survival mode of operation. Our Reptilian Brain is also our most primitive part of our Triune Brain system. We are literally reduced to a level of “bestiality.” No longer human. No longer rational. No longer spiritual. It is simply survival of the fittest, the most aggressive, the most violent. Civilizations and civilized behavior between humans disappears into thin air, like a cloud disappearing before our eyes. Trust is burned on the Stake of Fear and Betrayal, like the witches burned in Salem on the Stake of Hysteria. A deeper question is this. “Have we in reality ever elevated ourselves out of the Reptilian Brain?” Sadly, me thinks not!!

In the next 50 years the “conspiracy of the Covid 19” will be declassified and the entire nation will realize how they got bamboozled, raped and “vacci-nationed” all based on one big gigantic lie. By then it won’t really matter, as 90% of the human population will have been eradicated by 5G and the mRNA vaccination. Like in the Orwellian dystopia, all authentic history will have been erased and there will always be a new and updated version of Truth for the ZOMBIES. WELCOME TO ZOMBIE-LAND. WELCOME TO AMERIKA, LAND OF COV-ID-IOTS.

In America, we only get to pretend to elect the puppet-criminals who run the country only for the benefit of the bankster-Elite. Listen up Stupid, we “elect” board members to the corporate board of directors of the United States Corporation, to run roughshod over us while pretending to be a “representative government.” Ohhh, but the sheeple love to pretend that the “Wolf” will save and protect them. Baaa!! Baaa!!!

Without your cooperation, the Matrix of Idiocy would not be possible.

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness.


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