Robert Mueller Took Uranium to Russians on Tarmac in 2009

Robert Mueller Took Uranium to Russians on Tarmac in 2009

by Bill Muckler | TLB Contributing Author

Robert Mueller, who is the special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation, oversaw the FBI when the agency allegedly hid evidence it had collected that showed that Russian officials were engaged in a bribery scheme aimed at growing their atomic energy business inside the United States. (Ryan Saavedra/ Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call; Getty Images)

Why did Robert Mueller hand deliver a HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) Sample to the Russians on the tarmac of the Moscow airport in a secret “plane-side” meeting on September 21, 2009?

Enriched uranium is a critical component for both civil nuclear power generation and military nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency attempts to monitor and control enriched uranium supplies and processes in its efforts to ensure nuclear power generation safety and curb nuclear weapons proliferation.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered then-FBI Director Robert Mueller to deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians. Why was this done? And why did Clinton order the FBI Director to hand deliver the sample?

Did Mueller Collude with the Russians?

Robert Mueller is investigating Donald Trump on charges of collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. It appears this act of hand-delivering uranium to the Russian government while working as head of the FBI is collusion.

Information continues to come out that shows the real Russian story that should be looked at and pursued by law enforcement, as well as Congress, is the one involving the Clintons, the Obama administration, and Robert Mueller, the supposedly unbiased man who is directing the Trump/Russia probe.

The story of Mueller’s involvement with the Clinton’s and the now infamous sale of uranium to Russia goes back to 2006. This startling discovery came earlier this year showing that Hillary Clinton’s State Department began a process to turn over another portion of that uranium to the Russians in 2009.

The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal | Secretary of State Clinton with President Obama at a Cabinet meeting in 2012. (Reuters photo: Larry Downing)

A valid question is why did Obama and Clinton agree to provide this uranium, delivered by Mueller, to Russia in the first place? And why the highly suspicious demand that the delivery take place on the Moscow airport tarmac? The man who smuggled the uranium out of Russia in the 2006, Oleg Vladimirovich Khintsagov, was apprehended by authorities carrying 100 grams of highly enriched uranium tucked into a plastic bag in his tattered leather coat. A sample of the uranium captured during that sting operation was provided to the Russians who analyzed it and determined that it was indeed HEU.

The Russians did not ask for the uranium back, in fact the Russians worked hard to deny that the uranium came from Russia. However, in 2009, the Obama Administration, led by Hillary Clinton, hand delivered HEU to Russia, even though Russia had already been given a sample. There was no scientific reason to take the sample to them, so what other reason could there have been?

This delivery is especially pertinent since Mueller is leading this massive collusion investigation. Why was this hidden from the public and Congress? Why was the FBI informant on the case which involved the Clinton’s given a gag-order preventing him from speaking about it?

The Obama/Clinton Russian Uranium Deal

A top executive for TENEX, a subsidiary of Rosatom, the company was seeking to obtain control of twenty percent of U.S. uranium deposits in the now infamous Uranium One deal approved by the Obama administration.

We require that the transfer of this material be conducted at the airport, on the tarmac near by the plane, upon arrival of the Director’s aircraft.

Mueller knew the Russians were under investigation for illegal activities in seeking to gain a foothold in the United States nuclear energy marketplace, and yet he hand-delivered the sample to the Russians back in Russia. The fact that Mueller needed to perform the transfer raises red flags because of the effort made by the Russians to gain control over American uranium deposits. Mueller played the central role in helping the Clinton State Department deliver uranium to the Russians.

Is there any plausible way Mueller can maintain that he has no conflicts of interest when it comes to investigating anything having to do with Russia? It will take a Herculean feat to “Drain the American Swamp.”


A final word from Bill

This is a wonderful time of year. No matter how you celebrate the holidays or what your reason to celebrate is… without Liberty and Freedom, the Christmas Bells have a dull and hollow ring. Tyranny is the “True Grinch of Christmas.”  ~Bill


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