by Rick Wells

Roger Stone is not afraid of Adam Schiff or the rest of the corrupt COUP conspirators and operatives attempting to oust Trump. Their lies are catching up with them…

roger stone adam schiff

Laura Ingraham teases her guest, Roger Stone, at how his distress over Democrat hack Adam “Bobble-Head” Schiff calling him a liar must have him with his face constantly buried in his crying towel.  Stone replies that “It’s just more bullschiff from the Congressman from California.”

“It’s even hard to know what he’s talking about,” says Stone. “If he’s referring to the Twitter direct messages, which were leaked to The Atlantic, that prove that I had no collaboration with WikiLeaks, I turned those over to the House Intelligence Committee last September.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Stone says, “If he’s referring to the emails that were cited by the Wall Street Journal, that prove that I had no direct contact or source and was using a back channel, why those fell outside of the precisely worded scope of the Intelligence Committee’s request, a scope co-signed by Mr. Schiff himself.”

“The real issue here, Laura, is very clear,” says Stone. “Mr. Schiff has said that he has seen ‘significant evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. He has produced none, zero. Of course he’d like to change the subject. My testimony before the House Intelligence Committee was entirely truthful.”

Ingraham mocks the evasive “Clintonian” wording of the statement by Schiff, using insinuation and an unrealistic set of qualifying circumstances in their smear attack on the Trump associates.

She points out that it’s usually next to impossible to come between the Senate Intelligence Committee peacocks and a camera, yet they are having Stone testify and ignoring his requests that it  be held in public, saying, “If they don’t want it to be on camera it’s not because of classified information but because they know there’s “no there there” and they “don’t want to be humiliated.”

Ingraham points out that the Russian billionaire that the COUP operatives on the Senate Intelligence Committee supposedly wanted to talk to,  Oleg Deripaska, and Natalia Veselnitskaya, the attorney involved in the Trump Tower Don Jr. meeting, have both offered to make themselves available, essentially calling the Intelligence Committee’s bluff with neither being asked to testify.

Stone explains, “Having come up empty-handed with any evidence of Russian collusion. Having come up empty-handed of any hijinks regarding allegedly hacked emails with WikiLeaks, now they want to concoct some new crime, or I should say new offense, in an attempt to get me to testify against the President.”

Stone notes, “This is not only ridiculous but it’s very expensive, Laura. This threatens to bankrupt my family,” which they agree is a major part of the reason they rake the “enemy citizens” over the coals in the manner they do, to create the financial hardship that results in a surrender on their terms.


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