Roundup & The Legal Poisoning of Humanity

roundup-lymphoma[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Fluoride, PCB’s, DDT, Agent Orange, you think we would have learned by now. The chemical industry is responsible for some of the biggest blights on humanity, and this planets biosphere in modern history.

Birth defects, cancer and wholesale destruction of the local ecosystems, these are just a few examples of the fallout from the massive utilization of these apocalyptic chemicals.

But no we have not learned, or the greed level of those who would benefit has gone into overdrive. We are all aware at some level of the independent (of Monsanto) research that has been coming forward concerning Monsanto’s glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

TLB through our research has found Glyphosate to be one of the most destructive substances to both humanity and the biosphere ever to be developed by mankind … and you KNOW that Monsanto and our government (our protector) KNOW this as well, and quite possibly much more! So … ???

Glyphosate  is being tied directly to birth defects, infertility, sperm destruction, and cancer. The Europeans may have thought themselves safe as they banned more GMO crops, but what was not banned (to their detriment) was the Genetically Engineered Roundup pesticide.

Dr Mercola had this to say:

This may effectively negate the hard work Europeans have done to limit the proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their food supply, and with genetically engineered “Roundup Ready” crops and the food made from it come increased glyphosate exposure…

People Across Europe Test Positive for Glyphosate

A 2011 study detected glyphosate in 60-100 percent of all US air and rain samples, and last year another study revealed widespread glyphosate contamination in groundwater. When groundwater is used as a drinking water source, this contamination poses a risk to animals, plants and humans alike.

Now, the first-ever test for weed killer contamination in human bodies was commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe5. Volunteers from 18 different countries provided urine samples.

Of the 182 urine samples tested, an average of 44 percent was found to contain glyphosate, although the proportion of contamination varied from country to country.

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Plant pathologist and retired Purdue University professor Don Huber, has been sounding dire warnings on glyphosate poisoning crops, soil, livestock, and people (USDA Scientist Reveals All – Glyphosate Hazards to Crops, Soils, Animals, and Consumers,).

My question is this … If so much independent research is available proving the catastrophic fallout from the utilization of this substance … why cant Monsanto and our government see it? The sad but obvious answer is, Surely they can, and go to extraordinary lengths to suppress, negate or discredit the information as much as possible.

Yet this industry is basically setting the standards for it’s products by their own protected and unreleased research, and not accountable legally for their mistakes … REALLY … when it is in fact the health of humanity and the global biosphere that is at stake!

When an industry whose products are under fire from across the planet for eliciting extreme health and biosphere hazards, is allowed to police its own science and thereby set the acceptable standards, then greed and the lust for power become the standard, not ethics and concern for human life.

From the perpsective of TLB, all of this and more convinces us unequivocally that we are witnessing “The Legal Poisoning of Humanity” …

Attached you will find a follow on article with some great additional information on glyphosate. This article contains more damning evidence of the pure evil of this GE chemical:


GMO Pesticides Linked to Birth Defects, Disruption of Male Hormones, Cancer

death-roundup5By: Ethan A. Huff

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Numerous studies in recent months have tied agricultural pesticides to  reproductive and other serious health problems ( And a new study  out of Argentina adds even more evidence to the fact that such chemicals are a  widespread public health pandemic.

Andres Carrasco, head of the molecular  Embryology Lab at the University of Buenos Aires, recently presented a report  explaining that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup  herbicide, is responsible for causing birth defects, infertility, sperm  destruction, and cancer.

For the study, Carrasco and his team tested the  effects of glyphosate on animal embryos and found that the chemical alters and  impairs proper embryonic development. The paper also explains that “glyphosate  itself was responsible” for causing the birth defects, and that the results of  the study suggest similar outcomes for humans as well (

Shortly  after Carrasco released his report, The Ecologist, a British  environmental magazine, released its own report about the devastating effects of  glyphosate both on the environment and on human and animal life, also citing  Carrasco’s experience of being “assaulted by a mob” when arriving in the town  where he was to present his findings (…).

“I  didn’t discover anything new,” said Carrasco in an interview with  “I just confirmed what other scientists discovered. In spite of the evidence,  they tried to run down 30 years of my reputation as a scientist … They know  they can’t cover up the sun with one hand. There is scientific proof and, above  all, there are hundreds of affected towns [that] are a living evidence of this  public health emergency.”

Besides glyphosate, the whole slew of other  toxic chemicals applied to conventional and genetically-modified (GM) crops are  also a severe threat to human health. A report published in the magazine Scientific American back in February explains that the vast majority of pesticides are  endocrine disruptors. The chemicals affect male hormones in particular, blocking  or mimicking them, and ultimately leading to all sorts of very severe health  problems (…).

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