Russia Says Will Respond ‘Immediately’ to Planned NATO Military Build-up


Interfax reported that a source inside military circles, warned that Russia will provide an immediate response if NATO carries out plans to provide additional arms along its borders.

The source said that it should “be noted that it is one thing if the point in the question is a declaration of intent without any consequences. However, if NATO indeed builds up its military infrastructure close to Russia’s Western border, response measures will follow immediately.

NATO’s most recent military build-up, which the West says is in response to Russia’s continued aggression in Europe, was said to be a “declaration of intent”, according to the military source, and will be responded to with “the implementation of a comprehensive plan consisting of both symmetric and not so symmetric measures.”

He also indicated that “the colossal potential of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces””, could be become part of this response. This would not be the first time this month, that Russia had issued such a threat in response to NATO weapons in the East.

“If Western partners started using half-forgotten reasons and terms of the cold war era, let them remember what just one intercontinental ballistic missile, which reaches the Pentagon, can do. Compared to Soviet nuclear bombs, which as it was repeatedly said, could wipe the USA off the map several times a minute, the Yars and Bulava ICBM’s, which now form the foundation of the Russian nuclear triad, are a huge step forward in terms of combat capabilities

Interfax also quoted the source in saying that so far the “military rhetoric of Washington and capitals of European member states of NATO, is a sort of political chess, a war of nerves,” which Russia has undoubtedly been playing its own role in.

The actual existence of this source has not been confirmed by Western media at this time. However, it’s not uncommon for the Kremlin to use its state-run media as a means of delivering a message to the West, regardless of its intent to hold true on any threats.

The Pentagon said a few days ago, that they will be sending additional heavy weapons to the countries in Eastern Europe, in order to ward off Russia’s aggression in the region. This also includes the deployment of up to 40,000 US soldiers near Russia’s Western border. Before these plans were formally announced, several European witnesses on the ground reported that a military buildup of NATO forces was already underway at the time.


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  1. Russia will play right into Hussein’s WWlll plans but the Kiev Regime and NATO GI’s will pay with their lives.

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