Russia & the West Rushing Headlong into a Nuclear War

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

The initiation of just about every war of consequence in our recorded history follows a consequential pattern of escalation. If I posit a threat to you, you must return a threat of amplified magnitude so as not to appear weak or intimidated.

Such was the scenario in the two global wars of the twentieth century. There where many points at which agreements could have been reached to forestall a massive global conflict leaving millions dead and untold destruction in its wake … But no involved party had the humanity to back down, and the results are a bloody stain on what is easily the deadliest century in the rein of man.

There is an old adage that those who will not learn from the mistakes in history are doomed to repeat them. Someone please tell me … Are our leaders blind to history? Are they really so stupid that they cant read the true accounts of history? Or is this scenario the prelude to something much more deadly, evil and choreographed?

Once again the major powers of this planet are stepping up their game of rhetoric and brinkmanship, facilitating a march to that very brink! The problem here is that humanity, and especially the players in this scenario, possess modern and highly effective Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) capable of wiping out a huge portion of humanity (if not all), literally in the blink of an eye. It is now those very weapons we see mobile, moving to strategic positions of maximum effectiveness … and humanity now truly stands on that proverbial BRINK !!!

Having served on US Nuclear submarines for years, Both Attack subs and FBMs (Fleet Ballistic Missile carrying) subs, and then working on them for several more decades as a Military Contractor, I am eminently qualified to state their phenomenal stealth and destructive capabilities.

As a Submarine SONAR Technician (underwater detection and classification of contacts or prospective targets), I was exceptionally well trained in the detection and knowledge of the configuration of Soviet/Russian submarines, I can also state with knowledge and a comprehensive understanding, the impressive capabilities of said subs. Russian subs easily match US subs in stealth, speed and destructive capability. In an all out confrontation between these two foes … a clear winner would only be realized at the battles completion.

With all this said, please continue reading the following article that appears to foretell Russia and the West rushing headlong into what may disastrously end up in an all out Nuclear War …


Russian Typhoon sub

Russian Submarine Hauling Nuclear Warheads En Route to Syria

From:  The War Monitor

In what could be a major escalation in tensions between Russia and the West, Israeli media reported that the world’s largest submarine, the Dmitri Donsky, has been sent to the Syrian coast in what appears to be a heavy display of nuclear force. The submarine, deemed the “Typhoon” by NATO, is stocked with 20 Bulva intercontinental ballistic missiles, with a combined capability of carrying up to 200 nuclear warheads. The nuclear missiles have a range of over 6,000 miles, placing them well within reach of North America’s East coast.

This would likely be in response to a warning issued by the United States to Moscow over a Russian military buildup currently unfolding in Syria. Russia has dismissed these claims despite multiple intelligence sources stating otherwise. It’s also been discovered that Russia has been transporting high grade weapons over the past few months to Syrian President Assad’s forces, for use against the US-backed rebel fighters in the country. There are currently nearly a dozen nations conducting airstrikes against targets in Syria as part of a US backed coalition against ISIS. Britain and France are also considering the use of military force inside Syria in response to the Syrian refugee crisis currently taking place in Europe.

This would mark the first time that nuclear assets were brought to the table in a series of tit-for-tat scenarios since tensions between Russia and the West began to escalate following the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine last year. The introduction of this submarine is being taken as a bold message that Moscow will not allow the US to impede on its military intervention in Syria, demonstrating that Russia is willing to go through great extremes in supporting Assad’s regime.

The Typhoon departed from its North Sea base on September 4th, and is being escorted by two anti-submarine warships. It will take approximately ten days for the underwater vessel to reach its destination. There is currently no way of knowing how the Pentagon might respond to such a move from the Kremlin, but it’s possible that the West may counter by introducing its own nuclear capabilities into the mix as a deterrent. This would likely result in a series of escalations that could gradually increase the potential for a new nuclear stand-off between the two military superpowers.


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