Russia Today (RT) doing job of MS Media… Obama Adm. Hates It!

Russia Today (RT) doing job of MS Media… Obama Adm. Hates It!

By Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

We have pointed out in other articles how Main Stream Media in the U.S. is on an extended vacation and void of the facts and truth when they do bother to post a story. If they don’t get a Government/Corporation hand-out of what to say or write, it does not get reported. That leaves the American News Consumer with no choice but to rely on News Agencies beyond our borders, such as RT. Those of us in Alternative Media already have been using ‘other than MS American media’ sources to verify and vet story information.

In the following videos we will see a prime example of RT doing what the American Media will not (and don’t want anyone else to) and the Obama Administration trying to minimize and intimidate RT, with the result of RT handing the administration it’s ASS.


President-elect Donald Trump says he wants to improve relations with Russia. The Russian President Vladimir Putin tells us he agrees. What does it mean to have better relations and will the American foreign policy establishment allow this to happen?

It is no surprise when Nations that cannot stop invading and creating wars are full of HYPOCRISY… and do not want certain Media Questions ask… by anyone!
And this is just another example. All of the following clips of John Kirby U.S. State spokesperson are from within a year!


During a State Department briefing, RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan asked spokesman John Kirby for specific information concerning US accusations that Russia is targeting hospitals in Syria. The response was a reiteration of those allegations and a refusal to treat RT in the same way as other media outlets. To discuss, former Senate foreign policy adviser Jim Jatras tells ‘News with Ed’ that “the State Department is not interested in the accuracy of the charges or showing evidence.”

RT has a long history of asking questions and broadcasting briefing statements that American Main Stream Media will not. As a closing example watch this video :

Published on Dec 6, 2014

US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki has been caught on a hot mic calling one of her prepared statements about the acquittal of Egypt’s ex-leader Hosni Mubarak “ridiculous.”

Bottom Line. If you don’t want it reported, don’t say it in front of an RT camera! (TLB)



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