[Russiagate] McCabe Disastrous Testimony Leads To Intel Committee Re-Focus, More Heat [Video]

McCabe Disastrous Testimony Leads To Intel Committee Re-Focus, More Heat

by Rick Wells

Andrew McCabe looked like a criminal defendant as he walked into Congressional hearings last week. Soon he may actually be one as Rep Nunes is targeting his conduct directly.

Sometimes it’s what the guilty don’t say as much as what they do that exposes their corruption. The FBI is still refusing to reject the Russia dossier believed to have been the false basis upon which the Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt was cobbled together.

They do, however, admit that the primary allegations of the document have still never been substantiated. If they rejected the document that would put them in a position of having to defend using it to obtain FISA warrants, which then ultimately leads to exposure of the coup attempt by Obama globalist operatives in positions of power.

That is the FBI’s position and they’re sticking with it, according to sources contacted by the Washington Times who are familiar with the House and Senate investigations. After FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe testified last week on the matter, there are even more suspicions about just what the dirty cops were up to.

McCabe’s responses in three days of testimony before various Congressional committees behind closed doors, were portrayed in comments by Rep Peter King (R-NY). He said, “I don’t believe that adequate answers were given.”

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While McCabe declined the opportunity to criticize the dossier’s 35 pages of salacious and criminal charges against Donald Trump and his aides, he admitted they are still empty accusations that, despite mountains of cash, time and political motivation remain largely unverified.

Following his week of interrogation, dirty cop McCabe announced his intentions to retire as soon as he qualifies for full benefits, in roughly ninety days. He’s circling his wagons and hoping he can run out the clock. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating wrongdoing at the DOJ and FBI under the pretext of whether McCabe should have recused himself following his sweetheart $700K campaign contribution from the Clintons to his wife’s “campaign” for Virginia state senate.

It’s a ridiculous presumption that the number two guy at the FBI has to be told that he’s created a conflict of interest by accepting a large sum of money from an ally of the woman he’s supposedly prosecuting. If he’s that perverted in his values then he shouldn’t be in the position to begin with. He’s not, he’s just dirty and was taking bribes to let Clinton off the hook.

Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is now shifting the focus of the investigation away from the fantasy of Trump Russia collusion to the reality of Democrat-Clinton-Obama-Soros-Russia collusion. He has named three key elements to unraveling the questions surrounding what really happened between the DOJ, the Obama regime and allegations against the Trump team. They are:

⦁ Who funded the dossier and how its information was spread by paymaster Fusion GPS and then used by the FBI.

⦁ The Obama administration’s “unmasking” of the identities of private citizens caught up in surveillance of foreigners.

⦁ Recent misconduct inside the Department of Justice and the FBI.

A source familiar with the harassment “investigations” told the Washington Times, “This is really problematic for the FBI and DOJ right now. They realize stonewalling is not going to work anymore, but they haven’t decided on a new strategy to manage the deluge of information spilling out about top officials’ conflicts of interest, their use of the Steele dossier and their own connections to Fusion GPS.”

That statement sounds like it’s roundly understood that the FBI and DOJ are compromised and that new tactics are expected in their cover up efforts to suppress revelations to the public. If that is the case, which it appears to be, it means they’re already losing in the court of public opinion, the preliminary hearing that will then drive the real one.

Their days of accountability may be approaching after all.


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