Ryan Wants to Pass [.] Amnesty Bill – Details Still Secret… [video]

Ryan Wants to Pass Big Business Amnesty Bill – Details Still Secret from Congress

by Rick Wells

Rep Matt Geatz reveals RINO Paul Ryan is still trying to force through an amnesty that is being dictated by the globalist big money that controls him, against MAGA…

Lou Dobbs and Rep Matt Gaetz address what is at the heart of many of the problems in the DC swamp. On the day before an artificial deadline and vote on a major piece of immigration legislation, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who claims to have never wanted the job he now refuses to leave, is following the Pelosi model and not allowing members of Congress to even know what is in it.

The attitude from the Speaker is “just vote yes” as his owners on K Street demand. Dobbs says, “We have heard all sorts of, in some cases conflicting, stories from those who were at the meeting with the President, the Speaker of the House yesterday. We’re hearing all sorts of stories that could lead us to imagine that neither bill would pass if the vote were taken today, but it’s going to be taken tomorrow.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Gaetz says he’s “deeply frustrated that this legislation has not been reviewed in the committee process, that members of Congress have not had the opportunity to check with people in our communities, to really understand the impact on people’s lives.”

Gaetz informs Dobbs that he was being used, falsely as it turns out, as a tool by some in the leadership, with claims that he was in support of the bill that nobody has seen. Dobbs dismisses that claim, saying he’s one of those “old school” individuals who believes in reading a bill before he supports it.

Dobbs observes that “process seems to be what the Congress is all about these days,” noting, “The leadership bill, that is the bill written by Paul Ryan and the ‘K’ Street lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers, The Business Roundtable and Wall Street, that seems to be the one that, imagine this, your Speaker favors and will be pushing tomorrow.”

Gaetz admits, “I don’t even know what’s in it, Lou. I mean, as late as this afternoon.” Dobbs joins the derision of the ridiculous abuse of process, sarcastically telling Gaetz, “You’re asking a great deal of a democracy, Congressman. I think sometimes you presume too much.”

Gaetz replies, “I must, I mean, I’m with you, I think that we promised the American people if we had Republican control we would actually read legislation before voting on it and forcing it on the American people. And right now the target is moving and I want the opportunity to be able to really review this and understand which pieces are going to help us restore the rule of law.”

He asks, “Are we going to be able to crack down on sanctuary cities? Will we end this stupid visa lottery? Will we have the opportunity to ensure that our border wall is built, like the American people were promised by this President? If the entire focus is on how fast we can get amnesty for people that’s not what we promised and I think the American people expect from us to be very strong against illegal immigration.”

Unfortunately that’s what we would want but it’s not what we expect of the gutless cowards Gaetz and the other members of the Freedom Caucus have to associate with in Congress, including the sellout RINO Speaker. The process we’re seeing that is based upon betrayal and lies is exactly what we’ve come to expect.


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