San Francisco plutocrat Nancy Pelosi sniffs disdain at Americans’ tax bonuses, calling them ‘crumbs’ [Video]

San Francisco plutocrat Nancy Pelosi sniffs disdain at Americans’ tax bonuses, calling them ‘crumbs’

by Monica Showalter

The only thing worse than Senator Elizabeth Warren having to pretend she likes the tax cuts she vehemently opposed in Congress is wealthy House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi look down her nose in disdain at the millions of Americans celebrating their tax bonuses. She actually called the specter ‘pathetic’ and the bonuses ‘crumbs.’

According to Fox News, which has a video of the sorry performance:

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Well, of course.

One thousand dollars, according to Fox News, was the sort of company bonus more than 2 million workers have received as a result of the Republican tax cuts passed in Congress last month. But it’s not exactly an amount that would impress the legislative body’s wealthiest member, with her $200 million fortune.

Pelosi, remember, represents San Francisco, a city so wealthy it’s virtually impossible to live there on less than a million-dollar salary. The worst house in the most wretched parts of the city sold for $350,000. The median home value is $1.275 million. Pelosi, however, lives in the richest, ritziest, fanciest area of the forbidden city, Pacific Heights, and her house, as of two years ago, was worth more than $7.5 million, undoubtedly more than that now. She’s got a condo in Georgetown, in the capital; a vineyard in Napa Valley’s tony and historic St. Helena; and several other houses she and her husband rent out, according to this National Review survey of her holdings.

A mere thousand dollars to the richest member of the House is … crumbs.

Which goes to show a lot about who’s running the Democrats and what they stand for.

Democrats are the party of the establishment, the Swamp, and above all, the rich. The rich are always the most entrenched in preserving the status quo because they only have something to lose. They don’t want the hoi polloi getting uppity with newfound wealth of their own or enjoying bonuses — on top of tax cuts. What’s more, they are so far into the money stratosphere that things like either paying taxes or receiving benefits from tax cuts are for  … “little people,” as Leona Helmsley once advised. What this class of people want is a bigger government with more muscle to keep the groundlings and deplorables in line.

When Pelosi became Speaker of the House in 2006, government exploded in size and scope, beginning with her stimulus package program she eventually got through. But wages and benefits to ordinary citizens remained stagnant, as this Heritage foundation study shows. What could have improved the situation for workers was for prices of housing, transportation, health care and other necessities to come down, the study concluded. Pelosi’s expansion of big government drove them all the other way – skyward.

But it’s all crumbs to her. She’s too big for any of this, being rich and not in touch with the ‘little people.’ It never occurs to her as she rails against corporations getting tax cuts — and passing ‘crumbs’ onto the workers that the pass-on is a natural progression of everyone benefiting as benefits shower down. She’s too busy looking down on little people celebrating their windfalls, on top of their tax cuts, brought to them from a Congress she once led, and a President elected by the deplorables she despises.


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