Selling War, with a little GeoEngineering thrown in. Nobody does it better than Raytheon

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff | From our “Seeing is Believing” file

Selling Global Corporatism is the vehicle the Power Elite travel in down the road to Total World control and domination of the masses. Perpetual War is one of the Major Fuel Additives that powers that vehicle.

One of the biggest… if not the biggest… producers of Perpetual War technology is Raytheon. Not only is Raytheon a major player in production, it is a major contributor to the “sales pitch” for War. From Tech Trade Show displays, Stories and Articles in Trade Mgs and MS Media to Field Demonstrations for World Military leaders, Raytheon sets the narrative. (And you thought they only put together the ‘cool graphics’ behind your local weather man on the 6 o’clock news.)

We even get a glimpse and a “coded” admission of GeoEngineering participation from Raytheon in the final video of this post. Those of us that are x-military recognize the terms and how they are cloaked when referring to the use of Radar and Infrared for weather control. (Weather Warfare)

What follows is a series of videos with “the War narrative”:

Coyote and Silver Fox Unmanned Aircraft Systems Take Flight

Raytheon’s GaN-Based AESA Radar prototype – a radar with a path to production readiness and 360° capability.

Precision Extended Range Munition (PERM) hits the mark in test firing:

And finally, check out Raytheon’s “Defense Radar in a Box.” In this video Radar goes Modular. PAY PARTICULAR  ATTENTION TO THE BOTTOM OF THE VIDEO AT 1:08 FOR THE “Support Environmental Awareness” storm cloud. Another nice way (code words) of addressing GeoEngineering and Weather Manipulation:

Additional “Environmental Awareness” can be found by Clicking Here.

TLB encourages you to do your own research by visiting Raytheon’s web site. Click Here.

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