Shocked Arizona Mother Finds GoFundMe Page for Medical Needs of Daughter Medically Kidnapped

Happier days. Leanna with her two daughters before they were taken away by medical authorities and Arizona CPS.

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We have previously covered the medical kidnapping story of Leanna Smith, who had her two daughters removed from her family and eventually adopted out due to allegations of “medical abuse” and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Leanna has been fighting in court for several years now to seek justice, and earlier this year her case was heard in the 9th Circuit Court.

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Corruption and Medical Malpractice Coverup involving Arizona CPS? How One Family was Destroyed

This week, Leanna found a GoFundMe page put up by the foster parents of her youngest child requesting funds for medical needs and to move out of their home which was infested with mold. Leanna wonders if CPS and the State of Arizona did any investigations with the foster parents as they have publicly admitted that her youngest daughter now has DRESS syndrome, severe rashes, and “serious damage to her liver.”

Criminal Complaint for Conspiracy Filed Against Doctors, CPS, Attorney Generals, and Foster Parents

Leanna’s oldest daughter Chaunell in the hospital.


Earlier this year on March 20, 2015 Leanna Smith filed a Criminal Complaint with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney, asking them to open a criminal investigation:

The key to this complaint is the act of Dr. Brenda Bursch (“Bursch”) and Marina Greco (“Greco”), a licensed therapist who intentionally and knowingly practiced medicine without a license. They did so pursuant to a conspiracy to manipulate a child in CPS care and custody and were aided and abetted by Bonnie Brown, CPS Supervisor , Tammy MacAlpine, CPS Case worker, Katrina Buwalda, a licensed psychologist in Arizona, Foster Parents Kristi and Brent Mueller and Bruce MacArthur and Jennifer Hunter, assistant attorney generals. We are asking for an investigation and prosecution of these individuals…

The complaint states:

This prosecution is important because there is a serious systemic problem in Arizona Child Protective Services (“CPS”) now known as the Arizona Department of Child Safety (“DCS”), referred to collective herein as “CPS,” in medical child abuse cases to take children from parents and to seek dependency and severance based on medical opinions not provided by medical doctors but by psychologists who cannot as a matter of law, give such opinions. Further CPS supervisors will seek severance and take a child permanently from a parent without justification. This has become a common pattern and practice within CPS.

4 Year Old Child Removed from Parents and Adopted Out Now Suffering

Jameelah with her sister Chaunell during happier days.


On May 21, 2010 Arizona CPS took custody of 4-year-old Jameelah because of alleged medical abuse, a charge never proven in a court of law. (Full story here.) The state changed her social security number and Jameelah Smith became Aaliya Hoffman Mueller.

Based on the GoFundMe page found by her mother Leanna Smith, Jameelah, now 9-years-old, has developed serious medical conditions that she did not previously have when in the care of her mother:

On January 5, 2015 she started developing a rash. I took her to the pediatrician the following morning and they reassured me it was something called Fifths disease, common in young children, that it had nothing to do with the medication and to continue to give it to her. On January 12, 2015 she woke up with what looked like a severe burn over the majority of her body. She was immediately admitted to the hospital for DRESS Syndrome, a rare but potentially fatal reaction to her medication. She has suffered with a severe rash, fluid buildup in her entire body and the worst is serious damage to her liver. At this time she is starting her 4th week in the hospital and has been in ICU several times.

The living conditions where Jameelah is staying is also apparently not very good, according to the GoFundMe page:

A couple weeks into her stay here my oldest daughter contacted me and told me that they had moved a bed and that there was black mold growing up through the wood flooring. We contacted our landlord and a company came out to inspect our home. Apparently, the house had major flooding prior to our moving in and was not properly cleaned up. They found several areas of black mold throughout our home which required extensive cleanup. We were asked to move immediately as it was a danger for our family.

Health Impact News spoke with the mother, Leanna, who stated:

I fear for my daughter’s life. She may need a liver transplant. Every day now I read the obituaries looking for her name.

Take Action

Citizens who want to express their outrage over this apparent abuse of power that has destroyed a family and is now possibly in danger of killing a 9-year-old child are encouraged to contact the following officials in Arizona:

Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney – Contact Info

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Contact Info

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey – Contact Info

Original story:

Corruption and Medical Malpractice Coverup involving Arizona CPS? How One Family was Destroyed

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  1. Thank goodness gofundme works for them, some of us..many are TOLD not to help in ANY way..floored me when someone was finally decent enough to let me know that part of what is being done to I and my happy some can be allowed to have the help to get this out!!!

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