Single Colored Canvas

By TLB Contributor: Gus Kuzbyt

It’s so true that many in this world are devoid of original thought and must rely upon others to follow, and so turn to conformity.

This often happens when people are raised to give priority to the development their bodies in lieu of their mental capacity, they often turn to conformity to simplify decision making processes.

That’s why it might be strenuously debilitating for these individuals to accept multiple possibility of happiness, but they can take it from those with our eyes wide open, this happiness does exist.

This world is small in the vastness of this universe, but it is large in diversity of cultural heritage, and in the splendors of choice, we are given the ability to paint the human canvas with more then one color …

So these people are not unique in the desire to have all conform by enforcement, it is on the news every night, when ISIS is putting such thoughts into action, and we are shamed by people with that train of thought in each and every part of the world.

Well maybe, one day they will find that the civil path for humanity is to live and let live.

The people that hate others are those who are suffering from insecurity themselves about their own individuality,  that is why they seek a world void of diversity.

But they must ask themselves, is their solution historically viable, or are they just not capable of hindsight, for such errors are not historically genuine.

One day they will see, hate come’s from fear, and fear is bread from the less evolved amongst us, for they see humanity moving forward and their primitive impulses … fears the uncertainty of the future progress of mankind.

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