State-Funded Programs Sterilizing Postpartum Mom’s


by TLB Contributing Writer: Leslie Carol Botha

There is a dangerous precedent happening that we all need to be aware of. Especially since more and more women are being forced to go on Medicaid.  What do you think of when you think of state-funded health care? Impoverished women, women lacking education and social economic status – single mothers – teen girls. But all of that is changing. More and more women are falling into this insurance gap with the lack of economic support and ability to move ahead financially. Families with chronically ill children are on Medicaid.

Putting women on “reversible” (mind you, there are no long term studies about being able to reverse fertility once ovulation is suppressed) contraception right at birth is dangerous for the mother and the breast feeding child.

Kim Strifert, MA who first made the link between autism and oral contraceptives posted this article once again linking OC’s to autism and epigenetic damage:

Oral Contraceptives, Autism, and Epigenetic Damage

Here is how the ethinylestradiol used in oral contraceptives adversely modifies the condition of the oocyte. Bear with me, this is a bit complicated, but if you are woman who uses or is contemplating using oral contraceptives, this information is important to understand.

Ethinylestradiol is a known endocrine disruptor. Anything that disrupts endogenous hormones can be considered an endocrine disruptor. Evidence is emerging that ethinylestradiol may trigger what is called DNA methylation of the estrogen receptor gene. This then causes decreased messenger RNA resulting in impaired brain estrogen signaling in offspring [2]. Let’s think more deeply about this.

Estrogen Receptors, Mood, and Cognition

Impaired estrogen receptor expression has been associated with altered emotional responses, depression, mood disorders, cognitive dysfunction, brain degeneration, and many other endocrine-related diseases [18-23]. In addition to confirmation that estrogen receptors are a factor in emotional responses [18], there is compelling evidence for estradiol’s involvement in the regulation of mood and cognitive functions [19,20,21]. ~ Source

Truth is – women are being coerced into this type of contraception as soon as they give birth. They cannot even enjoy the joy of motherhood without being implanted, injected or inserted with a device that will harm their health. Throw them into depression – hormone rage – or both. Not all women of course. But we have to think of the frightening precedent. If we do not make women aware of what is happening this will become standard of care for all women.

Truth is – IUD’s cause an infection in the uterus. And after having a child, the uterus is weakened… this is not a good situation for women – especially those who have become nutritionally depleted (like most women) during pregnancy.

Placed on birth control in our teens – taken off to reproduce and then back on it again when our job for the state is done. Where is our value… our choice – our health freedom?

What are we doing to our children? What have we done to our children’s children? And their children.

Dripping synthetic hormones into our blood stream is never a good thing. Period. Losing control over our fertility is a death sentence.

More States Offering Women Long-Term Birth Control After They Give Birth — That’s A Good Thing

Medical Daily

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