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The US is experiencing a stealth takeover that is largely being waged on a local level and predicated on phony science. “There are policies that are reshaping a new market in the United States. A new market has been organized. It is called the New Green Economy. The Green Economy is based upon the falsified science that we must reduce our CO2 emissions or our greenhouse gas. Of course, we know that that’s fraudulent.

February 8, 2015 ,By Professor James Tracy   Northern California-based environmental activist and Rense Radio Network host Deborah Tavares is a guest on this week’s Real Politik. She explains impending threats to US citizens’ human and property rights via the ongoing aggressive United Nations’ Agenda 21 program being stealthily enacted in towns and counties throughout the United States. In addition to providing a wealth of info and educational sources, Deborah presents strategies for raising awareness at the local level and contesting the onslaught of such programs. Deborah Tavares has appeared on a variety of US and international alternative media outlets. A wealth of additional information is available at her website,


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“It’s important to understand how government really works,” Tavares points out, “and we were not really taught how government really works. Nor were we taught about the Climate Action Plans, nor has anyone really broken that down. That’s why I refer to you “Who Is Running America and the Climate Action Plans.” There are many documents we refer to in that YouTube you can watch, and you can download the documents.”

But when we look at that and we look at your city, here’s what you can do and I recommend you do. Type in the name of your city in your search bar, followed by ‘policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.’ You will find the policies in your town. This is an Executive Order. Our government runs through the Oval Office via Executive Orders. We can stop scratching our heads and asking the same question over and over again, “How can they continue to create these Executive Orders that are absolutely redefining what everyone things America is?”

According to Tavares, the US is experiencing a stealth takeover that is largely being waged on a local level and predicated on phony science. “There are policies that are reshaping a new market in the United States. A new market has been organized. It’s called the New Green Economy. The Green Economy is based upon the falsified science that we must reduce our CO2 emissions or our greenhouse gas. Of course, we know that that’s fraudulent. Just as we know that the illusion of petroleum being a fossil fuel and being a finite fuel is also falsified science. We know that Rockefeller created the illusion of constrained oil reserves and petroleum reserves so that they could keep the price up and charge us and control us.

“So, an excellent YouTube to watch is called The Origin of Oil’ by Colonel Fletcher Prouty. Just as oil is referred to in all of the documents that our children are learning in school, and in all of the documents coming out of your cities based on false science, they refer to fossil fuels, and our need to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Again, petroleum does not come from fossils. Petroleum is a renewable energy resource that is consistently created within the mantle of the earth. Our petroleum never came from dead dinosaurs. Again, all part of the false science and the reinventing of a reality. This is a war on reality that we’re all in.”

Tavares continues to explain how plans are now being uniformly developed by local governments across the US reduce water consumption and allegedly shrink individual “carbon footprints.”

“It’s most, most important for everyone to understand the same playbook of scarcity is now being created out of water. And this is a major, major opportunity for you to spread some good news … The reality that we have primary water is why we do not have a water shortage. We can no longer allow the media psy-ops campaign to frighten us about scarcity of water. We have to understand that the earth is the water planet and continuously produces water from within the mantle. In fact, water, as oil and petroleum, is a renewable. We have an abundance of water. So you have to ask yourself, ‘Why would the corporate government agencies create the false science of water scarcity and the fear that we’re running out of water?’ Of course, the goal is global control, monetary increase of resources for the controllers, and creating a compliance to water monitoring, required reduced water use, and charging us a much higher cost, all based on our ignorance of where water really comes from.”

Many farmers throughout California’s breadbasket, the San Joaquin valley, because of a broad propaganda campaign on the alleged scientific basis of water scarcity, are forfeiting their land and ranches. “We see large signs along the highway that say, ‘No Water, No Jobs, No Food.’ The San Joaquin valley in California has been producing major food resources for the entire country and it is being massively hit right now because many of the ranchers and farmers believe that they must reduce their food production because they believe that there is a water scarcity.” Tavares argues that the recent California drought is “an engineered drought.”

It’s a part of the geoengineering program, which is the deliberate large scale manipulation of the earth’s climate. So for any of you that have questions about that being a reality, I urge you to go to our other website, called, and take a look at “Controlling the Weather by 2025,” by the US Air Force. Well, I can that they are ahead of schedule. So primary water, again, it’s in abundance, and must start looking down for water instead of up. We’ve been taught that our water comes from rain and snow melt. It doesn’t. All water that is visible on the face of the planet begins with primary water that comes up from within the mantle of the earth. This explains where springs come from, where geysers come from. This is also why they were able to populate Israel, because in the early 1950s they had primary water experts locate the water.

Tavares explains how the Climate Action Plans are a global phenomenon, with the alleged goal of reducing CO2 emissions. Furthermore, most of these plans have been approved and adopted by most county and municipal governments in the US without public knowledge or consent.

An example of that here is in Northern California, where our Climate Action Plan was approved and adopted June 5, 2012. All of the other cities here in Sonoma County in the wine country are adopting their plans right now. It’s very important to understand that they sign contracts and take grant money for the development of a template. Climate Action Plans are all templates of a universal, global plan, and they just insert their own cities’ pictures, and make it look like it’s tailored to your town. No. It’s diabolical. And it’s tailored globally. With every property that is outside the city growth boundary being considered sprawl and unsustainable, what does that mean? It means that it’s going to be ultimately converted and rewilded. They want it converted back to natural habitat. Let’s look at the homes inside the city growth boundary. There are documents I talk about on the Rense Radio Network that every single building structure is out of compliance based on these corrupt corporate energy retrofitting requirements … These climate action plans are requiring retrofitting This is the first tier of assault on all of our properties, where code enforcement will come out based on your allowing people to come in our home to conduct a “free” home energy audit. These audits go on a national data base–massive computing through NSA–every house is identified with the first requirement in your homes is going to be. Generally, you’re going to have a cool roof, you’re going to have to have solar energy, you’re going to have to convert all of your inefficient appliances and equipment to Energy Star-rated equipment, which is RFID, all inerfacing with the Smart Meter on the exterior of your homes.

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