Sunday Update: Burns Oregon, Judge Grasty Cancels Town Meeting

by Cathy Geibel | TLB staff writer, reporting from Burns Oregon.

Update: Burns Oregon, Judge Grasty Cancels Town Meeting Citing Safety Concerns.

(Burns, Oregon – Jan 24, 2016)

Embattled and controversial Judge Grasty cancelled his suspect community meeting scheduled for Monday January 25. In a  press release he stated: It is with a heavy heart that I feel the need to cancel the community meeting scheduled for January 25.

Preparations to protest and block entrance to the Senior Center have lead me to determine that it’s time to take a time out. Cancellation of this meeting seems prudent in order to maintain the safety of our community and everyone in it, and because an open and honest conversation cannot take place in this type of atmosphere. Further I will not give these agitators what they want most which is attention.”

Agitators? Since when are peaceful protesters agitators Mr. Grasty? So now I am an agitator?  Yes, I am here, to witness a lawful gathering of civilians and patriots whose only intent is to make sure the law of the land is followed.  

You further go on to say: “It saddens me greatly that we cannot have this kind of conversation among ourselves without interference from outsiders.”

What kind of conversation would that have been Mr. Grasty? An illegal and unconstitutional conversation between hand selected, specially vetted individuals who were there only to say the things you want heard?  Shall I remind you of the Oregon Public Meeting Laws/Harney County? Here is an excerpt, “The law also requires that the public be given notice of the time and place of meetings and that meetings be accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities.” This does not translate to 150 people with tickets. To me this shows a willingness to circumvent the law both locally and on a Federal level.

In the short time I have been in Burns, Oregon I have come to find the people of this town to be delightful and, whereas there are a number (generally government employees) who are upset at the outside attention,  there are an equal number who silently applaud the spotlight being shone on this town. In speaking with the average citizen I am told many support these “agitators” and are happy that this is occurring as it is uncovering the corruption that has been insidiously eating at this community. Citizens I have spoken with tell me they fear bullying and reprisal in the community if they do speak up. For them, these so called agitators have become their voice.

I for one am disappointed in the cancellation of this meeting. I assure you there would have been no blockade of the Senior Center doors. The patriots have treated the citizens with nothing but respect, business is booming and one lovely woman even admitted, “Between you and me, I like the Militia people better than the FBI” 

The Oregon battle to restore our Constitution as rule of law continues.  I will up date this post with any unfolding events on Monday 1/25/2016. ~ CG


Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter



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  1. I have one question, where is the Mayor of Burns, Oregon? No I have two, why and how is it a Judge is running the town? Could anyone answer my question?

  2. Judge Grasty, Harney County Sheriff Ward is the Chief Executive Officer and highest Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer in the county. Sheriff Ward has a Constitutional responsibility and duty to quell any uprising and maintain the peace in his county!
    Why do you not call upon him?

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