Swedish Govt Finally Responds to Outrageous Levels of Migrant Crime

ER Editor: A two-fer from RT and Peter Imanuelsen on immigrant violence in Sweden. Imanuelsen updates us on the latest government response to the outrageous level of violence going on, which may set a positive precedent finally.


Swedish capital rocked by murder spree

Three people were killed in less than 12 hours, including a rapper executed on a sports field 


Warring gangs murdered three people in the span of 12 hours in the Swedish capital of Stockholm between Wednesday and Thursday. With one of the murders involving a devastating bomb attack on a residential building, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has vowed to bring in the military.

Swedish capital rocked by murder spree

The killing spree began on Wednesday evening with the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old man on a soccer pitch in southern Stockholm. The victim was described as a popular local rapper, and police spokesman Mats Eriksson told reporters that the execution-style slaying took place as children were training.

A video of the murder is circulating on social media, Eriksson said, adding that police are looking for multiple perpetrators. Eriksson said that the killing may be connected to an ongoing gang war in the city.

According to Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper, two drug kingpins from immigrant backgrounds – Rawa Majid, known as ‘The Kurdish Fox’, and Mikael Ahlström Tenezos, nicknamed ‘The Greek’ – are vying for control of the drug market. After a spate of shootings earlier this year, the conflict between the sides died down. However, an internal dispute between Majid and one of his associates named Ismail Abdo has set off another wave of violence and murder.

Abdo was reportedly behind an attempt on Majid’s life in Türkiye earlier this summer, which Majid allegedly responded to by killing Abdo’s mother.

Police believe that a bomb attack on a house in the Stockholm suburb of Uppsala on Thursday morning was aimed at one of Majid’s relatives. However, the device was placed next to a neighboring house and killed a woman unconnected to the gang.

Two houses were demolished in the blast while several others were damaged. Police have arrested two suspects and are investigating whether the bombing was linked to the Majid-Abdo dispute.

The third killing took place at midnight in the suburb of Jordbro. Residents reported hearing up to a dozen gunshots, and officers arriving on the scene found two men shot, one of whom died of his injuries. Three men were arrested, and the shooting is being investigated for connections to the gang war.

ER: We’re leaving this September 2020 article link in – it’s interesting and very pertinent background to the current report — 


“Many people saw this coming,” Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said in an address on Thursday. Pointing out that fatal shootings have tripled over the last decade, Kristersson blamed the failed immigration policies of previous governments, which saw the country take in more than 800,000 primarily Middle Eastern and North African immigrants between 2015 and 2022.

In response to the latest murders, and to nine other fatal shootings so far this month, Kristersson said that his government would deploy the military to “help the police in their work against the criminal gangs.”



See also this Financial Times article on the topic —

Sweden turns to military to help police combat gang crime


MASSIVE NEWS: Sweden to DEPORT foreigners involved in gangs

The Swedish Prime Minister announced new tough measures to deal with the ongoing gang crisis in the country.


a blue and yellow flag flying over a body of water
Photo by Ryan Faulkner-Hogg on Unsplash


Things have become so bad that the police warned that the situation hasn’t been this dangerous since 1945.

Other police have warned that we risk a “systemic societal collapse” if things are allowed to continue.

Recently I wrote an article on the TRUTH about the Swedish gang crisis. Please make sure to check that out if you haven’t done so already:

The TRUTH about the Swedish gang CRISIS.


The TRUTH about the Swedish gang CRISIS.

Something really bad is happening in Sweden right now, and most of the mainstream media is refusing to report on it because it’s not politically correct. Everybody could see this coming. When I was warning about what was happening in Sweden many years ago, I was attacked by the left and the media. They called me a ”conspiracy theorist”.

Just last night (ER: September 27) two people were shot dead and a 25 year old woman was blown up in yet another bombing.

The woman was just an innocent bystander. She lived as a neighbor to a gang criminal who police believed was the actual target. But the massive bomb destroyed her house and killed this young woman.

Police in Uppsala where the bombing took place say that “the situation in society is inhumane, unexplainable and limitless”

There have been 125 bombings in Sweden so far this year. That is almost one every other day.

To put that into comparison, consider that Sweden is a small country with only just over 10 million people. If the equivalent would have taken place in the USA, it would have been almost 4000 bombings – In just this year so far! That is really, really bad!

But now Sweden is cracking down hard for the first time.

The Swedish Prime Minister gave a speech to the nation tonight, outlining new tough measures.

I have here translated much of the speech from the Prime Minister from Swedish to English.

This is a difficult time for Sweden. A 25 year old woman went to sleep, a completely normal night. But she was not allowed to wake up again. This morning she was killed in a bombing in Uppsala…A week ago a 70 year old man went to a bar in Sandviken to spend time with his friends. He was not allowed to come home again. He was blind and he was shot to death…My thoughts are also with those three kids, 13, 14 and 14 years old who were found assassinated in forest areas outside of Stockholm…Now more children and completely innocent people are falling victim to this serious violence. I cannot enough say how serious the situation is. Sweden has never before seen anything like this. No other country in Europe see something like this…Everyone who wants to tell the police about the gangs’ reign of terror doesn’t dare out of fear for their own lives and their children’s lives.

How could it become this bad? The fact is that we are many who saw this coming and warned about it. This organized crime has grown in over a decade, in just 10 years, violent deadly shootings have tripled. It is political naivety and ignorance that has brought us here. It is a reckless migration policy and a failed integration that has brought us here. Exclusion and parallel societies are feeding the criminal gangs. There they can recklessly recruit children and educate the murderers of the future. Swedish law is not designed for gang warfare and child soldiers. But we are changing that now. This government is changing the migration policy…We are doubling the sentences for serious weapons crime and crimes involving explosives…We are going to introduce containment sentences so that really dangerous criminals will never get out. And we will deport those foreigners that are involved in the criminal gangs, even if they have not yet been convicted of any crime…We are going to build youth prisons so that youth are separated from adult criminals and we will make sure that all children learn Swedish with language screening and law school in socially vulnerable areas. We are going to deploy the resources that are needed. Everything is on the table. I have tomorrow called in the police chief and the commander in chief to see how the military can help the police in their work against the criminal gangs…We are going to do what is necessary to restore safety in Sweden”.

Make sure to check out my article on the TRUTH about the Swedish rape crisis that the mainstream media has been ignoring!

The truth about the Swedish rape crisis.


2 MAY 2022

There is something terrible happening in Sweden, and for some strange reason it seems like most of the media is refusing to talk about it. Before the covid pandemic, I used to report a lot on the increasing crime that was happening in Sweden. I have been warning for many years about the rape crisis in Sweden, and I was constantly ignored. Even worse, people on the left attacked me for it, or tried to come up with some kind of excuse to try and explain away the issue.

So to outline some of the things Sweden will do now to crack down on the gangs:

  • Looking at deploying the military to assist the police in fighting the gangs.
  • Deporting foreigners involved in criminal gangs, even if they haven’t been convicted of any crimes yet.
  • Build new prisons for youths to separate them from adult criminals.
  • Doubling the sentences for serious weapons crime and crimes involving explosives.
  • Make sure that all children learn Swedish.
  • Introduce tougher sentences so that dangerous criminals will never get out of prison.

I was quite surprised to hear this. I never thought Sweden would suddenly wake up one day and decide to ignore political correctness.

Then again, the situation has gotten so dire now that when even some police have warned of a “systemic societal collapse”, it’s getting hard to ignore the situation.

What do you think of this?



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