KEN’S CORNER: The True American History

February 15, 2021 2

KEN’S CORNER: The True American History Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive  The Death of Liberty. What follows here is nothing less than astounding. It is the real history of the United States, from […]


America’s Future Depends on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019 0

America’s Future Depends on Thanksgiving Jarrett Stepman   |  via The Daily Signal Are we seeing the last generation of Americans who will celebrate Thanksgiving? This may seem to be a laughable question. According to AAA, […]


DEBT: How The Federal Reserve System Works

September 27, 2019 0

DEBT: How The Federal Reserve System Works By TLB Contributing Writer: Dan Asmussen In order to explain how the Federal Reserve system works, we must first consider the two ways that fiat currency obtains its […]


Timeline of the Great Fraud, by Judge Anna Von Reitz

June 5, 2016 1

Written by Judge Anna Von Reitz People need to end the Two party Corporate Fascist political fraud and the Congress “In Trust” system 1. 1754-1776: The “United Colonies” take shape as a loose political association, and the […]


The Real Issue is Freedom

June 2, 2016 1

by William Wyttenbach | TLB Contributing Writer  The real issue is freedom / equality In an ideal world unlimited Freedom with harm to none. Unlimited energy for all no puppet masters monopoly on energy. Equality in the […]


TLB Headlines – Week in Review

May 23, 2016 1

In this week’s video at the beginning is a quote from Abraham Lincoln that really hits home when one considers the magnitude of what humanity as a whole is facing. All men, women and children […]

Crown Temple B.A.R.


May 12, 2016 0

By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William May 9, 2016 HONEST ABE!?!  THE GREATEST PRESIDENT!?!  NO!!! Attorney Abraham Lincoln was anything but honest, and he totally violated the laws of the universe whenever he propagated thoughts […]

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