Where AI Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud

October 4, 2022 0

Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud By: Jay Valentine Artificial intelligence is an undefined term people throw around, scaring each other about impending doom. One reads stories about how A.I. applies facial recognition […]


Joe Biden May Have killed Major League Baseball …

April 3, 2021 0

Joe Biden might just have killed Major League Baseball By: Andrea Widburg Georgia passed a law that greatly expands people’s opportunities to vote. However, because it mandates Voter ID for absentee ballot requests, Democrats, led […]


Amazon’s Latest Hypocrisy Should Infuriate You

January 24, 2021 1

The latest news about Amazon hypocrisy ought to infuriate you By: Andrea Widburg If there was one thing that contributed to Biden’s entering the White House, it was the mail-in voting that Democrats initiated by […]