States Can Break Through Big Pharma’s Liability Shield

March 5, 2023 0

States Can Break Through Pharma’s Liability Shield By: Brownstone Institute Legislators in Arkansas have a simple question before them: if pharmaceutical executives deliberately withhold knowledge of a product’s adverse effects, should they be criminally liable […]


The FDA Is Broken!

July 21, 2022 0

The FDA is broken By: Henry F. Smith, Jr., M.D. The FDA is broken. In a three-year span, they have morphed from a regulatory agency that set the standard for the world to an illogical, […]


Eagle’s Eye Report: Destroying Trust in Medicine

May 26, 2022 1

Eagle’s Eye Report: Destroying Trust in Medicine (Archived Show) Host: Roger Landry (TLB) – Co-Host & Producer: Stephen Roberts Brought to you by: – Where Freedom Roars Live Broadcast platform: ShakeAndWake Radio Network Also […]


Vaccines … Gateway Drugs By Design

April 2, 2019 1

Vaccines: Gateway Drugs by Design Pharma has Created its Own Trillion-Dollar Market: A Generation of Chronically Sick Children By: Kristina Kristen Why is there an epidemic of chronic illnesses that plagues 54% of our children […]