March 30, 2020 0

Status Of COVID-19: “PLANDEMIC” Op-Ed by Rosanne Lindsay Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Benjamin Franklin Here we are at the end of […]


COVID-19 – Intense Data the “Experts” Ignore

March 28, 2020 0

COVID-19 – Intense Data the “Experts” Ignore By: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine This article attached is really spot-on. I’ve read similar ones but this is more detailed and, I believe, nails the cause very […]


Vaccines: I Wish I’d Known …

March 2, 2020 0

I Wish I’d Known … Written & Contributed to TLB by: The Children’s Health Defense Team One of the most common remarks Children Health Defense hears from parents of children adversely affected by vaccines is, […]

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