Climate Engineering And The Collapse Of The Cryosphere

May 18, 2015 0

by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington In regard to the true state of the ice deposits on planet Earth, many have been confused by the constant bombardment of completely false headlines by media sources that are totally controlled […]


Monsanto knew of glyphosate / cancer link 35 years ago

April 19, 2015 0

by GM-Free Cymru, Special Report According to evidence unearthed from the archives of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States, it has been established that Monsanto was fully aware of the potential of […]


Clouds, What’s Real? What’s Not?

March 14, 2015 0

By TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington Many in the anti-geoengineering movement have focused almost exclusively on the horizon-to-horizon trails, but such obvious spraying is only a small fraction of the aerosol operations in our skies. As […]


Charge Monsanto with Crimes Against Humanity

August 13, 2014 2

By: Elizabeth Lane We, the free-born people of the world, demand to live in a world free of poisonous food. We refuse to be part of Monsanto’s crimes against humanity and do whole-heatedly object to Monsanto’s […]

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