Anti-Vaxxers / Ex-Vaxxers: The New Blacklisted [Video]

July 23, 2019 0

Anti-Vaxxers / Ex-Vaxxers: The New Blacklisted By Catherine J. Frompovich It is with great respect and honest admiration I salute Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), for her remarks about what’s […]


Cancer treatment sweepstake: Turmeric wins hands down!

June 11, 2019 0

Introduction. This is probably why Big Pharma doesn’t like honest science: it can’t fix the result. And you can’t patent turmeric. TURMERIC’S ‘SMART KILL’ PROPERTIES PUT CHEMO & RADIATION TO SHAME January 16, 2019 Sayer […]


Fluoride … How Dangerous Is It To Your Health?

May 25, 2019 2

How Dangerous Is Fluoride To Your Health? By: Prevent Disease Fluorine is an element. It is a gas, never occurring in its free state. In microscopic amounts complexed with other minerals, it is often listed […]

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