Carbon Dioxide – The Gas of Life

January 27, 2024 1

Story at-a-glance Carbon dioxide (CO2) is commonly mischaracterized as a harmful waste product of respiration and is falsely blamed for disrupting the planetary climate CO2 is an essential gas necessary for life. Moreover, its impact […]


Good News Sucks for Climate Cultists

March 22, 2023 0

Good news sucks for climate cultists By: Ron Ross There’s a war against happiness. Climate alarmists bury good news and exaggerate bad news. They have made up their minds to be miserable and they’re determined […]


WITNESS: A Fool’s Game on Climate

December 21, 2022 0

A Fool’s Game on Climate By: Jim Hollingsworth America has survived as a beacon of light for over two hundred years for two very simple reasons. First, we developed a Constitution that protects our God-given […]


The Death of Global Warming

October 29, 2022 3

The Death of Global Warming “The Death Of #GlobalWarming” (Originally published in 2000) … and STILL (2022 updates below) the Left (real Science Deniers) refuse to Learn anything! Original Article & Updated Article by: Joseph […]


The Profound Junk Science of Climate

November 27, 2021 3

The Profound Junk Science of Climate By: Norman Rogers Climate change prophecy hangs its hat on computer climate models. The models have gigantic problems. According to Kevin Trenberth, once in charge of modeling at the […]

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