Here’s How We Know Climate Change Hysteria Is Bunkum

Here’s how we know that climate change hysteria is bunkum

By: Uldis Sprogis

Whenever the temperature rises or falls this is true climate change.

When the sun rises in the morning, the temperature usually rises gradually and in the afternoon the temperature usually falls gradually and this is climate change. When the temperature usually falls at night this is also climate change. When it rains or snows the temperature usually falls whether it is the daytime or at night and this is climate change.

When it is cloudy the temperature usually falls or doesn’t increase as much. When there is pollution in the sky such as smoke from a wildfire then the temperature usually doesn’t rise or fall that much. Seasonal changes in temperature in the spring, summer, fall, and winter is also climate change.

The temperature change on a mountaintop is vastly different from the temperature change in a valley or over a desert such as the Sahara desert or Death Valley. The temperature change over the oceans, lakes, and bays is different depending on the location where it is measured in the world and the square area of the water being considered.

Thus for an accurate average yearly temperature worldwide you scientifically need to measure the temperature average over each square kilometer or mile of the earth’s surface for a whole year. We don’t have the ability to do so now and probably won’t have that ability any time soon.

So, scientifically we can’t prove or show that a 1% rise in CO2 will cause an x% rise in average worldwide temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You may intuitively feel that a rise in CO2 should also make the average world temperature to rise but by how much is pure guesswork and probably way off a truthful estimate. Yes, there is climate change but how much warming if any is due to an increase in CO2 is basically scientifically unknown on into the foreseeable future. Climate models for future average temperatures are often wild, unverifiable, and predicted average temperature changes designed to fear monger humans into doing some desperate measures to avoid the delusional predicted Armageddon of severe global warming.

Also, no one has scientifically calculated how much of the extra CO2 generated by fossil fuels has been absorbed by plants worldwide or by the water worldwide.

The only rational conclusion is that climate change is a political weapon used to justify oppressive government legislation trying to kill off fossil fuel usage with crazy and costly solutions like carbon capture and forcing one to ultimately use only electric vehicles powered by unreliable and costly renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. Climate change is a fear tactic used by politicians and woke elites to justify oppressive government regulations and taxation on fossil fuel industries.

I have to agree that some climate change is man-made such as the conversion of forested areas into agricultural land and pollution of the air with particulates and chemicals from coal burning and manufacturing plant chemicals. These kinds of activities have a greater impact on climate change than an insignificant increase in CO2. A healthy respect for the environment, especially wilderness and park areas, is what is urgently needed and not the fear mongering tactics of the climate change propagandists.

Yes, I believe that climate change exists but what percentage is man-made is debatable and scientifically unprovable and what percentage of CO2 causes the temperature to rise significantly is scientifically unknown and unprovable so far. No one is currently able to prove or predict the average worldwide temperature of the earth. So, you can’t rationally or truthfully even talk about it without sounding like an ill-informed idiot.

For those of you with a little scientific and math background you will better understand what is scientifically and mathematically provable. A mathematical equation for a variable and how it changes is shown by known variables on the right side of the equation. If there are too many unknown variables on the right side of the equation then the variable on the left side of the equation is also unknown. So, when mathematically there are too many unknown variables like those impacting climate change then no provable equation is possible.

To be scientific, the known variables must be measured experimentally in the real world such as with the use of temperature thermometers. There is no such experimental evidence in climate change calculations. So, climate change is neither scientific nor mathematical for the time being and all predictions are made by charlatans who don’t know what they are talking about or have a deceptive political agenda to impose on the gullible public.


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