Killer Heatwave! Over 40 000 Dead In Paris! Etcetera

August 19, 2023 0

For more understanding of how the Climate Psyop is worked, we feature here two videos by Paul Burgess you might find helpful. His explanation of how the temperature stats are fiddled is particularly eye-opening/ Killer […]


Net Zero: the Fatal Flaw

June 13, 2023 1

SOURCE: Friends of Science Many governments in the Western world have committed to “net zero” emissions of carbon in the near future. The US and UK both say they will deliver by 2050. It’s widely […]


Nothing “green” about the green agenda

December 29, 2022 0

by Jane Hill, Leader of Anew UK, The People’s Party The hoax that is climate change goes way back to just after WW2. 1947 saw the first of many weather manipulation projects, all designed to […]

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