KEN’S CORNER: Betrayed By the Racket of War

September 7, 2023 0

KEN’S CORNER: Betrayed By the Racket of War “Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this […]


The USA’s Turn Toward Communism

August 4, 2023 0

The USA’s Turn toward Communism By: E. Jeffrey Ludwig A truly evil cabal has taken control of the Democrats. It took effect when the pact between the Sen. Joe Biden camp and the Sen. Bernie […]



June 17, 2023 0

INTRO by SteveCook Although the following is correctly attributed to Communist subversives, it comprises a “subversives’ handbook” or operating manual that is as much in use today by the would-be oppressors of humanity, who now […]


Foretelling America’s Descent Into Totalitarianism

June 13, 2023 0

Foretelling America’s Descent into Totalitarianism By: Jeffrey Folks Michael Polanyi was born at a particularly inauspicious place and time: in Budapest, Hungary, in March of 1891, just as central Europe was heading toward two devastating […]


Love Hurts … So Do Progressive Policies

May 5, 2023 1

Love Hurts. So Do Progressive Policies. By: Jeffrey Folks I’ve always wondered why liberals would support legislation that obviously harms them. Tax increases, open borders, defunding the police, weakness abroad, eliminating gas-powered cars — these […]


Will Real Christians Be Able To Save America ???

April 22, 2023 3

Will Real Christians Be Able To Save America ??? By: Joseph M. Lenard Will REAL CHRISTIANS Save America? It is why The Left wants Christianity destroyed! It helped found America, help destroy the Soviets, etc… […]


KEN’S CORNER: Secrecy or Freedom

March 9, 2023 0

KEN’S CORNER: Secrecy or Freedom Commentary by: TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive As a Conservative writer, it does something to you deep inside when your efforts are purposely hidden from view. Your love of county, […]

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