The Covid debacle – a report from Ground Zero

August 23, 2023 0

This fascinating interview with Isabel Oakeshott is very highly recommended if you want some real insights into “Psyop Ground Zero”, the horror show that currently masquerades as British politics and the criminal shenanigans that went […]


Is your government trying to kill you?

November 29, 2022 0

Is your government trying to kill you? Well, it is sure starting to look that way per the following report from The Expose. Bear in mind these are early days yet. Nobody yet knows what […]


Government’s stooges still targeting kids

November 28, 2022 1

The following featured article is from the vigilant and incisive OffGurdian. It provides a very apt and concise analysis of the latest malicious utterance from a  representative of the subversive globalist  stooges who are currently […]

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