CIA Funding of Tech Companies

December 20, 2015 0

by James Hall Government funding of companies provides a steady stream of support for tech developing innovations. One vehicle for facilitating this relationship can be found in an entity called, In-Q-Tel. IQT describes their function […]


Vaccine Mania Leads to Modifying Humans for the NWO

October 3, 2015 0

Vaccine Mania Leads to Modifying Humans for the New World Order By TLB Contributor:  PAUL FASSA Some are aware of the vaccination agenda for enslaving humanity and reducing the population while creating more widespread poor […]


Remote Control -Agenda 21 Style (VIDEO)

August 1, 2015 1

  By Rosa Koire While I was traveling across the US giving speeches I often met unusual people.  In Palm Springs, CA I met two DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) engineers after hearing them […]


4 Amazing Technologies That Could Turn You Invisible

September 29, 2014 0

By Susanne Posel Researchers at the University of Rochester (UR) have developed an optical illusion that gives the appearance of making objects disappear in the academic quest to create an invisibility cloak. John Howell, professor […]

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