Doctors are Critical of ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order [Video]

April 28, 2020 0

YouTube Censors Viral Video of Doctors Criticizing ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order Deleted after racking up over 5 million views. Another version of the original video that YouTube deleted appears below. Paul Joseph Watson YouTube has censored a […]


The Things You CANNOT Say About The Coronavirus

April 7, 2020 4

ER Editor: Indeed we are speaking thoughtcrimes to doubt the official narrative about the coronavirus. Just today, April 7th, Facebook has personally banned us from being able to post anything, let alone the credible, doubting […]


Institutionalized Ignorance, Pharmacies & Vaccines

December 21, 2018 4

Institutionalized Ignorance, Pharmacies & Vaccines By: Roger Landry (TLB) Institutionalized Ignorance is rampant in America. There is so much that many doctors either (due to a lack of personal research) don’t know, or don’t feel […]

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