It’s A “Defund-The-Global-Police” Moment

April 24, 2023 0

It’s A “Defund-The-Global-Police” Moment De-Dollarization Is Happening At A “Stunning” Pace Over the last few weeks, it has seemed you can’t turn a page, blink at a pixel, or hear a news report without some […]


De-dollarization is Happening

April 9, 2023 0

De-dollarization is Happening NEWS WIRE  Don’t look now, but the thing everyone has been talking about and anticipating for years – has finally begun. And it’s happening a lot faster than many thought it would.  […]


Why The Saudi’s Won’t Abandon Dollars for Yuan

March 30, 2022 0

Why Saudi Arabia Won’t Abandon Dollars for Yuan By: Daniel Lacalle There are numerous articles mentioning that Saudi Arabia may use the yuan, China’s domestic currency, for its oil exports. How much does Saudi Arabia […]