Isolation – Why Do We Agree to this Prison?

October 24, 2020 0

Isolation – Why Do We Agree to this Prison? By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine How different is this social distancing from throwing people in isolation in prison? Not much, is there? It’s maybe worse […]


France: Muzzling Dissent Across the Population

May 18, 2020 0

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project An Update From the Trenches May 18, 2020 Here’s a review of some of the week’s stories coming out of France. Censoring, surveilling, preventing public protest, […]


Art and Old Age

December 15, 2017 0

Art and Old Age By TLB Contributing Author: Lucille Femine I have the idea that title might depress you. Sorry, not meant to be. Quite the opposite. Of course, young people will pass it right […]