Isolation – Why Do We Agree to this Prison?

Isolation – Why Do We Agree to this Prison?

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

How different is this social distancing from throwing people in isolation in prison? Not much, is there? It’s maybe worse because there is the illusion of freedom – we can go about our business with not too much upset – if we haven’t lost our income, we can go shopping or take a walk (in some places without a mask) Hopefully, it won’t get worse.

The most drastic and horrible example is isolating the recent so called COVID cases among the elderly, many of whom die – not really so much from COVID but the enforced loneliness with all its attendant depression, worry and sliding into death.

Who can argue this is the full intent of the deep state? We all know this by now but why are we putting up with it? How disgusted are you seeing virtually everyone wearing masks in stores, in their cars and on the streets where there is no way in hell they can infect anyone? Do we wear one to avoid an argument or to be able to buy our groceries? Or not go to jail? It’s been done, as you know.

In the sixties when the anti-war movement was in full throttle, there was life and passion and great music to boot which spoke of purpose, joy and spiritual enhancement. I know, I was part of it all. One of my biggest regrets was not going to Woodstock. I was about a mile away on vacation but I had two small kids, so I was hesitant. But, we saw them driving back the same time we were and they were positively ecstatic. Stoned, yes but the light of spirit was very present. That memory is permanently ingrained in me. Although I had no clue at the time that I was a spiritual being, the power of that renaissance among us ordinary people (so called) was a new beginning for me and many others.

Hope is the fuel of living.

What is the difference between then and now? Why are the majority of people on the planet so complacent, so willing to fulfill the commands of their own destruction? Every time I am forced to wear a mask, I know I am betraying myself and others. I can’t escape that truth, no matter what the justification for agreeing to slavery. Is avoiding going to jail or getting a huge fine enough to acquiesce?

Well, that decision is up to each individual. Trump wears one now and then because he sees the bigger goal which is to avoid more censure and go on to save this country and thus, the rest of the planet. Not by himself, of course, it will take all of us.

Now that’s a very important point – it’s up to EACH INDIVIDUAL. It should be accepted by the “authorities” and know-it-alls that we have minds and that there are divergent viewpoints to consider. This is what makes us individuals and free thinkers. However, we are bombarded from every angle to believe we are little more than animals. I doubt they think any more of themselves. Many of them so depraved, they are willing to murder and steal adrenochrome in order to feel alive. Pitiful if we didn’t despise them so much.

But, of course, this is the last thing they want; to be free is the ultimate and uppermost goal of life on this prison planet. To say it again – we are under the sad illusion of freedom where the goals become, instead, to be as comfortable as possible and to take the well-travelled side road brimming with mainstream media.

For sure, this wearing down of our spirits was accomplished by GMO foods, fluoride, chemtrails, psychiatric and other harmful, useless drugs, promotions of fear, destruction of religion, family, education, government, etc. These have taken a great toll on us throughout the many years these globalists have structured their plans. We have been so indoctrinated into believing the body is all there is and that we need their “solutions” to survive as all our attention is riveted on worshiping the piece of meat we carry around. We are obsessed with keeping it as young as possible because we think this is all we are and that there is only one life – the biggest lie in the universe.

What happens as a result of this aberrated obsession with youth? It drains our true energy, replaces it with anxiety and we get old faster. We are frantic to get our goals achieved because we only have maybe fifty years of cognitive ability and energy. We’ve all heard stories of people on their deathbeds lamenting that they did not do what they truly wanted. Painfully, these true goals become vivid as they are passing away, throwing another thorn in their wasted bodies.

Do we want that? Of course not. But I’m sure it is in the back of every mind. We avoid it so we can have some peace of mind and pretend it will never happen. When I was twenty, I know I didn’t entertain the idea that I was going to get old, get sick and die. Of course, there’s no point in dwelling on it but is there something else?

What I’m getting to is a recent change in my life that was profound. For the past four years, I have slowly been getting ill with some strange symptoms I couldn’t explain – to myself or to doctors. They got so bad, I could barely function. I slept a good part of the day to avoid it or maybe feel better when I woke up. Hardly every happened. It was a nightmare.

I went to a chiro who did a hair analysis. When I saw her to get the results, she looked like she turned green and said she had only seen one other patient with such high levels of aluminum. I was stunned and began to see the connection between my symptoms of very high, debilitating anxiety and this condition.

I’m a consistent researcher of health solutions, so I began my search. I discovered several things which I tried, along with her supplements and I actually felt worse. She said later – well, that means the chelation supplement is working and that I’ll feel bad for several months.

Huh?? That was unacceptable. Did you ever see the movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” starring John Travolta? It’s a story of a sick boy who must live isolated in this protective bubble to survive while he couldn’t touch his girlfriend or family outside. In the end, he chose to leave the bubble and run off with her. He was happy and free for a few days until he died. Was it worth it? I thought so. He was already dead in the bubble.

Now my story is not that dramatic but I had to find another answer, as he did. Who cares if the supplement is working while I suffer and have no life for several months? I was desperate, a situation which often leads to real answers, as long as you strive toward them and believe you will find them.

Let me preface my solution with a bit of my history. I grew up a Christian – Catholic to be precise. It was the worst eight years of my life. My most vivid memory is of nuns smacking our knuckles in the front of the room with two rulers – for failing in our studies, even minorly. Who the hell is responsible for making sure we learn properly?? THEY are the ones who failed! Then they blame the students. Once you are terrified of failing, your goal becomes to avoid the ruler and the humiliation rather than learning anything useful – which was limited for sure. I cared nothing for geometry or their indoctrination that I might go to hell.

I digress a bit but it’s all to explain why I rejected religion in general and looked forward to the end of grammar school and go to a secular high school. I had learned nothing of spiritual values and my concept of God and his nature was very similar to what I experienced with the nuns. Sadism.

So this has been my idea of God ever since – why would I want to be ruled by a tyrant? Who the hell is he to instill in me fear and punishment, encouraged by guilt? There are many on the planet who accept this cruel authority and never question it. I thoroughly rejected them, too, though quietly. They were disillusioned fools with no life of their own. I was far superior to them.

However, in the recent quest for relief from the constant, growing stress of poison in my body, I began to consider the words of several patriots I listen to who I highly respect. They all have a fervent belief in God, whatever they call it and I was intrigued. In desperation, I thought – well, why don’t I give it a try? I’ll pray.

For the first several tries, I got nothing. Maybe he was having dinner when I called on him. I felt like an idiot and I was sure I was talking to myself..

I just babbled whatever was on my mind but slanted toward – HELP ME! I did that a few times a day and nothing much changed. And then, suddenly, after making my mind very quiet and relaxing as best I could, I experienced an amazing, joyful feeling and I knew I had contacted him…or it. I have no idea who God is but it doesn’t matter a bit. I was certain he is not of this physical world and that he is benevolent

Then, I perceived that I had discovered a few key solutions to my condition that were suddenly working while the rest of them were not. For the past four days, I have gotten about 80% better and I have a life. This article is the first one I’ve written in a few weeks and I hate not writing, especially for The Liberty Beacon. I was just too sick.

Yesterday, it occurred to me with considerable awe that I had been guided. Could it be, I thought, that some incredible force had steered me here and there in my life when I was lucid enough to make sane decisions? Even without asking? Yes, I believe that now. Actually, I KNOW it which is a much higher order than mere thought.

Another important point is I realized that without a real spiritual awareness of this higher force and a willingness to ask for and accept help, life had become very lonely in some strange way. All the other areas of my life had suffered from the lack of this connection. That was a startling discovery to me. I talk to this entity every day now and I feel good. I’m happy and productive and more willing to return the help to others, any way I can.

If you are interested in what is working for me aside from this, I use a product called MetalFree, on Amazon. It works much better than hers because it contains chlorella, a powerful binder, necessary to escort the metal poisons out of the body. It’s pricey but it works like mad. Please note, I take this when I go to bed to avoid experiencing any detox during the day. I exercise on a rebounder every day. I sleep well. I eat lots of organic veggies and some nuts, not much meat, chicken or fish. Not much dairy. Drink lots of water. By the way, coffee does not affect me badly as it did before.

This spiritual enhancement and awareness is what the deep state is trying very hard to destroy and it is the only thing we need to recover at this point. I can’t emphasize this enough. It is reality at its best, the purest and most vital way to connect with others and deny isolation.

Here is a video by my favorite tough guy patriot, David Nino Rodriquez, talking about a world-wide prayer or meditation day, whatever you want to call it or whatever religion you practice. The bottom line is it’s spiritual – we all share that, our most common and powerful denominator. The date is Nov 1st – to help ensure Trump wins the election.

Don’t live in a bubble.


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