Possible Causes of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

June 28, 2022 1

Possible Causes of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome By Dr. Vernon Coleman Doctors around the world are puzzled at the epidemic of sudden deaths occurring among previously healthy young adults. Many are said to be conducting […]


COVID-19: Vaccines – Who Needs Them?

November 3, 2020 0

Vaccines – Who Needs Them? By: David Macilwain It’s a serious question that few have asked, and there’s no clear answer. Up till this point in the Coronavirus play, discussion on vaccines has been limited […]


Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

May 18, 2020 0

Blaylock: Face masks pose serious risks to the healthy Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to […]

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