Senile Or Not, Joe Biden Has Betrayed America

August 27, 2021 1

Senile or not, Biden has betrayed America By: Patricia McCarthy President Biden’s dementia no longer explains the destructive policies his administration has implemented since taking office. The horror that took thirteen American lives in Kabul […]


Sekulow Destroys Schiff As Impeachment Trial Starts

January 22, 2020 0

 Sekulow Destroys Schiff As Impeachment Trial Starts By:  Alicia F. Luke Jay Sekulow demolishes Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi on executive privilege: Remember Eric Holder? “Mr. Schiff did say the courts don’t really have a role in […]


This Soon Shall End!

July 30, 2015 0

By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert UNITED States of America   –   It can now be reported that the UN-Constitutional Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with current FBI Director James Comey, blackmailed and […]

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