Lockdowns Need to Be Intellectually Discredited

May 29, 2021 0

Lockdowns Need to Be Intellectually Discredited Once and For All By: Ethan Yang  On May 19, 2021 the LA Times published a column that is representative of the basic arguments for endorsing lockdowns going forward […]


Young People In Particular Are Vulnerable To Lockdowns

April 11, 2021 0

Young People Are Particularly Vulnerable To Lockdowns By: Ethan Yang In response to the Covid-19 pandemic governments across the world implemented an unprecedented and untested strategy to slow the spread of the disease. Colloquially known […]


Lockdowns & the Rule of Law

December 10, 2020 0

Lockdowns and the Rule of Law By: Ethan Yang Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in his latest book that: “Madison warned that what we call “the rule of law” depends on the existence of […]