LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E75): “Signs Everywhere!”

April 25, 2022 1

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E75): “Signs Everywhere!” WATCH ARCHIVED SHOW BELOW INTRO ARTICLE Your Host: Luca Majno Welcome back, everyone! I am seriously in the ‘apology’ mode, after laying truths out in such a ‘brutal’ way, […]


Inflation, Invasion, & Crime — Oh, My!

April 3, 2022 1

Inflation, Invasion, and Crime — Oh, My! By: J.B. Shurk Inflation, invasion, and crime — oh, my! The next few months and years don’t look particularly appealing. As central bank money-printing and unsustainable U.S. government […]


The Great Reset, Phase 2: War

March 23, 2022 3

Story at-a-glance We’re being hit with one crisis after another, but there’s nothing “organic” or natural about these crises. They seem manufactured and intentional because they all strengthen, support and further the technocratic plan for […]


Scary Times Require Unscary Thoughts

July 16, 2021 2

Scary Times Require Unscary Thoughts By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine I woke up at 3 AM this morning with the most horrendous thought I’ve ever had in all my lifetimes. I mean it. It […]


Community & World United, We Say No!

September 14, 2020 0

Community and World United, We Say No! Children’s Health Defense is proud to stand with all of these organizations and countries (below) as we work together to pushback on medical mandates, unsafe vaccines, and increasingly […]

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