Vaccines: Stripping Rights Away By Hook or By Crook

February 23, 2019 0

Stripping Rights Away By Hook or By Crook Secretary of Health Weisman (WA) Dangerously Mislead the Health Committee and the Public Toward Maximum Vaccine Injury By: James Lyons-Weiler The MMR is a 58-year old vaccine, […]


New Fertility-Regulating Vaccines are Being Tested in India

June 3, 2018 0

Fertility-Regulating Vaccines Being Tested in India By TLB Contributing Author: Christina England, BA Hons In 2015, after his country was targeted with the fertility-regulating tetanus vaccination containing the hCG hormone, Dr. Wahome Ngare from the Kenyan […]


Bill Gates warns of a new kind of terrorism

January 22, 2017 1

TLB Editors note: We are always concerned when Bill Gates talks about what might happen… especially when the subjects he discusses, for the most part, are already happening. You can choose any number of programs […]

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